Is It Low T?

What Does the Phrase “Is It Low T?” Mean?

The phrase “Is It Low T?” is asking, “Are the unpleasant symptoms you are experiencing caused by low testosterone levels?”

If you’re a male older than 40 years of age, the answer is probably yes.

The Incidence of Low Testosterone in American Men

  • Over 5 million men in America have low testosterone levels, along with their associated unpleasant symptoms (known as hypogonadism).
    • Only 5-10% of these men are being treated. (Click here to learn why.)
  • Nearly 40% of men 45 years of age or older were found to have low testosterone along with associated unpleasant symptoms due to andropause.
  • 6.5 million American men are estimated to have low testosterone levels by the year 2025.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

  • Three causes of low testosterone:
    • Natural decline with aging (known as andropause). Click here to learn more about low testosterone levels due to andropause.
    • Disease of the testicles (primary hypogonadism) due to:
      • Abnormalities at birth (congenital abnormalities).
      • Acquired: environmental toxins, chronic diseases (i.e., kidney and liver disease), certain drugs (i.e., alkylating agents, suramin, ketoconazole, glucocorticoids), radiation, infections (i.e., AIDS, mumps), trauma, testicular torsion, autoimmune damage.
    • Disease of the pituitary gland or hypothalamus (secondary hypogonadism) due to:
      • Abnormalities at birth (congenital abnormalities).
      • Acquired: diabetes, opiates, high prolactin levels, glucocorticoid treatment, suppression of gonadotropins or gonadal steroid administration (i.e., past steroid abusers).

Andropause and Low Testosterone

  • Andropause is defined as low testosterone levels in men due to the gradual decline in hormone levels that occur in all aging men.
  • Testosterone levels in men decrease by 1-2% per year starting at the age of 30.

Your Solution:  Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Why Choose Genemedics Health Institute for Treatment of Low Testosterone with Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men?

  • Our expert bioidentical hormone therapy medical doctors, led by nationally renowned Dr. George Shanlikian M.D., specialize in natural testosterone replacement therapy for men (TRT for men), nutrition, nutritional supplements, and fitness.
  • Our doctors have spent hundreds of hours training how to use ,a href=””>bioidentical hormones and have helped thousands of men relieve the symptoms of low testosterone.
  • All Genemedics’ male hormone therapy programs are personalized to each patient and based on the results of the world’s most advanced testing.
  • Our programs go beyond simply prescribing hormone replacement therapy. We look at your overall health and design a personalized nutrition and exercise program, along with prescribing key nutrients and supplements.


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