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Already the leader in anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy, Genemedics Health Institute is quickly becoming the largest provider of doctor-supervised age management and preventive health programs. We have offices in ArizonaCalifornia, Florida, GeorgiaIllinois, Michigan, Oregon and Texas with plans for nationwide expansion over the next few years.

Because we know how important your health is, we make it easy to visit one of our clinics, even if you are in a different state. If you don’t live close to a Genemedics Health Institute clinic, let us know and we’ll apply a travel credit of up to $500 for your airfare when you visit us. If you cannot travel, please let us know of your interest in our life-changing health programs and we’ll notify you when a Genemedics Health Institute office opens near you.

Genemedics Health Institute medical doctors have helped thousands of men and women suffering from symptoms of female hormone imbalance and male hormone imbalance. Our comprehensive bioidentical hormone replacement therapy programs, combined with proper nutrition, nutritional supplementation and exercise, will return you to the optimal physical, sexual, and emotional health you experienced in your twenties and thirties. We have seen astonishing results in the lives of our patients, who are healthier, happier, and have dramatically improved quality of life. Contact us today so we can help you discover a new, younger, healthier you!


3 Steps Away from a Younger, Healthier You!


Contact the office at 800-277-4041 or fill out the inquiry form and we will contact you to see how we can help.


We will set you up for a detailed lab panel, which will examine hormonal imbalances and overall health.


Once we receive your lab results, we will contact you to schedule an appointment with an expert bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctor, who will explain your lab results in detail. Based on your lab results and symptoms, your physician will customize a hormone program, nutrition plan, nutritional supplement regimen and exercise routine will return you to your optimal mental, physical, emotional and sexual health of your 20s and 30s. Our programs have renewed the lives of millions of men and women by significantly improving their quality of life and their health. Like so many other patients, you will be absolutely amazed by the incredible results that you will achieve. Contact us today and let us help you discover a new, younger, healthier you!

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