Choline (Choline bitartrate)

Choline bitartrate is a form of the nutrient choline, which is one of the B-complex vitamins naturally produced in the liver. Choline is present in various food groups including liver meat, muscle meat, wheat germ, fish, beans, nuts, spinach, peas, and eggs. Choline bitartrate is the combination of choline and a salt of tartaric acid. It has better absorption rate and is more potent than pure choline.

Overall Health Benefits

  • Boosts cognitive function [1-9]
  • Detoxifies the liver and prevents liver disease [10-11]
  • Helps lose weight [12]
  • Maintains a healthy pregnancy [13-18]
  • Helps stabilize mood [19-20]
  • Fights inflammation [21-24]
  • Prevents cancer [25-27]

Proven Health Benefits

Boosts Cognitive Function

Studies suggest that choline is an essential brain nutrient:

  1. A study showed that chronic choline supplementation can improve behavioral, oxidative, and neurochemical outcomes. [1]
  2. In adults, dietary intake of choline positively influenced cognitive function. [2]
  3. In men, choline supplementation lowered the risk of dementia. [3]
  4. In older people, higher intake of choline resulted in better cognitive performance. [4]
  5. In mice models, choline supplementation reduced the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). [5]
  6. A study showed that choline can help improve cognitive impairment. [6]
  7. In a study assessing the effects of choline on brain function, choline supplementation was found to improve cognitive performance. [7]
  8. A review of multiple studies showed that choline supplementation ameliorated specific behavioral, neurological, and cognitive deficits caused by fetal alcohol exposure. [8]
  9. In patients with AD, choline supplementation treated the cognitive symptoms of dementia disorder. [9

Prevents Liver Disease

Choline has also been found to be essential for liver health:

  1. A study showed that intake of dietary choline can help prevent liver dysfunction. [10]
  2. A study reported that higher intake of choline was associated with a lower risk of liver cancer. [11]
  3. A study also found that dietary choline supplementation attenuated high-fat diet-induced liver inflammation. [12]
  4. A mice study also found that dietary choline supplementation attenuated high-fat diet-induced liver cancer. [13]

Helps Lose Weight

Studies suggest that choline can help prevent obesity:

  1. In adults, high intakes of dietary choline produced favorable body composition. [14]
  2. In female athletes, choline supplementation rapidly reduced body mass without any side effects. [15]
  3. In rats, choline supplementation decreased body fat and food intake. [16]

Maintains a Healthy Pregnancy

Evidence shows that choline is an essential nutrient in pregnancy:

  1. In pregnant women, sufficient intake of dietary choline resulted in optimal fetal outcomes. [17]
  2. In pregnant women entering their third trimester, choline supplementation improved infant’s information processing speed. [18]
  3. A study showed that higher choline supplementation can help improve the infant’s early behavioral development. [19]
  4. A study showed that choline and DHA deficiency could harm maternal and infant health. [20]
  5. A study showed that prenatal dietary supplementation of choline decreased the risk of mental illness. [21]
  6. In mid-pregnancy women, high dose of choline was associated with better infant health. [22]

Helps Stabilize Mood

Choline has also been found to possess mood-stabilizing properties:

  1. In adult female rats, dietary choline supplementation protected against stress and depression. [23]
  2. A study showed that small portion of dietary choline is metabolized to form acetycholine which is responsible for memory and mood. [24]

Fights Pain and Inflammation

Studies also show that choline has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties:

  1. In a mouse model of postoperative pain, choline supplementation decreased pain. [25]
  2. In patients with asthma, choline therapy improved symptoms by suppressing oxidative stress. [26]
  3. A study showed that choline reduced the regular dose of aspirin in an animal model of inflammatory pain. [27]
  4. In diabetic patients, choline supplementation reduced the levels of inflammatory substances. [28]

Prevents Cancer

Evidence also suggests that choline has anti-cancer properties:

  1. In an analysis of multiple studies, choline supplementation lowered cancer incidence. [25]
  2. A study showed that choline can help lower the incidence of breast cancer. [29]
  3. High intake of choline has been found to lower the risk of colorectal cancer. [30]


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