Elampretide (SS-31)

Elampretide, also known as SS-31, is a synthetic tetrapeptide that reduces the production of harmful reactive oxygen species in the body. It works by targeting the cell’s powerhouse known as mitochondria which in turn restores various important cellular processes. Studies show that SS-31 has anti-aging effects that are beneficial for the treatment of age-related diseases, genetic disorders, impaired blood circulation, kidney injury, and heart disease.

Overall Health Benefits

  • Lowers risk of heart disease [1-16]
  • Prevents cancer [17-20]
  • Boosts brain power [21-24]
  • Prevents kidney injury [25-27]
  • Treats lung injury [28-29]

Proven Health Benefits

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Studies show that SS-31 can help protect against heart disease:

  • A study showed that SS-31 improved mitochondrial function in failing human heart. [1]
  • In aged mouse hearts, SS-31 significantly improved mitochondrial function. [2]
  • A study showed that SS-31 treatment can help protect against cardiovascular disease by reducing reactive oxygen species levels. [3]
  • In patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, researchers found that SS-31 could be a potential therapy. [4]
  • A study showed that SS-31 can help re-energize the mitochondria of heart cells. [5]
  • In one study, SS-31 therapy protected against heart damage caused by blood vessel constriction. [6]
  • A study showed that SS-31 can effectively protect the heart from infection-induced heart damage by inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammation. [7]
  • A study reported that SS-31 ameliorated cardiomyopathy, a condition that affects the pumping ability of the heart. [8]
  • In rats suffering from cardiac arrest, SS-31 treatment increased survival time. [9]
  • A study showed that SS-31’s effect on the cell’s mitochondria can be considered as a therapeutic strategy for treating heart failure. [10]
  • A study showed that long term SS-31 therapy normalized the critical abnormalities of the mitochondria. [11]
  • In patients with heart enlargement and weakening, 12 weeks of SS-31 treatment improved heart function. [12]
  • In patients with narrowing of the heart arteries, SS-31 treatment resulted in improvement of symptoms. [13]
  • In patients with heart disease, treatment with SS-31 increased exercise tolerance. [14]
  • A study showed that SS-31 can effectively treat heart disease caused by poor blood circulation. [15]
  • A study also found that SS-31 can treat heart disease caused by low oxygen levels. [16]

Prevents Cancer

Evidence also found that SS-31 has anti-cancer properties:

  • In mice, SS-31 prevented mitochondrial dysfunction which in turn reduced cancer prevalence. [17]
  • Studies also suggest that restoring the function of the cell’s mitochondria, which is the primary action of SS-31, can help prevent cancer. [18-20]

Boosts Brain Power

SS-31 has also been found to improve cognitive function:

  • In mice with cognitive deficit, SS-31 treatment rescued learning and memory deficits. [21]
  • A study showed that SS-31 protected against isofluran-induced cognitive deficits. [22]
  • In aged mice, treatment with SS-31 improved working memory, motor skill learning, and gait coordination. [23]
  • A study showed that SS-31 has therapeutic potential in preventing damage from oxidative stress and brain cell inflammation. [24]

Prevents Kidney Injury

Studies also show that SS-31 is essential for kidney health:

  • In mice with acute kidney injury, SS-31 treatment effectively suppressed mitochondrial reactive oxygen species which can contribute to further kidney damage. [25]
  • A study showed that SS-31 was able to increase the production of angiotensin AT2 receptor (AT2R) which in turn reduced kidney damage. [26]
  • A study showed that SS-31 significantly attenuated the effects of obstruction on all aspects of kidney damage. [27]

Treats Lung Injury

SS-31 has also been found to treat various forms of lung injury:

  • In a mouse model, SS-31 attenuated mitochondrial dysfunction, reduced inflammatory responses and alleviated the severity of lung damage. [28]
  • In mice, SS-31 protected against spinal cord injury-induced lung injury. [29]


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