Bosu Ball Cable Crunch With Side Bends

in Abs Exercise

Main Muscle Worked: Abs

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Bosu Ball Cable Crunch With Side Bends - Exercise Guide

Step 1

Attach a standard handle to each arm of the cable machine and set them to the most downward position.

Step 2

Get a Bosu Ball and position it in front and center of the cable machine.

Step 3

Lie down on the Bosu Ball with your back slightly arched around it, and your rear close to the floor but not touching the surface.

Step 4

Reach back and grab the handle of each cable using both hands.

Step 5

Extend your arms straight frontward and in between your knees while keeping your feet apart and your hands at knee level.

Step 6

Keep both arms straight up and in line with the upward angle of the cable. Lift up your torso in a crunching motion while keeping your arms straight.

Step 7

Keep your arms in position, and slowly go back to the initial position with your back slightly arched around the Bosu Ball and your abdomen stretched out.

Step 8

Repeat Steps 1 to 7 to failure. Once you failed, contract your abs and raise your torso to a plank position to elevate your back from the Bosu Ball.

Step 9

Put your arms down to your side in a straight position. Do the side bends alternately and reach for your heels. This movement will focus on your obliques.
Tip: Stretch your abdomen fully by arching your back around the Bosu Ball before each repetition in order to have a full range of motion and lengthen your muscle fibers, giving them fuller appearance.

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