Chest Push (multiple response)

in Chest Exercise

Main Muscle Worked: Chest

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Chest Push (multiple response) - Exercise Guide

Step 1

You’ll need a training partner and a ball (preferably medicine ball) for this exercise.
Hold the ball with both hands then kneel in front of your partner. Your partner also kneels in front of you. This is your starting position.

Step 2

Prepare to pass the ball while holding it tight in front of your chest.

Step 3

Pass the ball to your partner as powerful as you can.

Step 4

After that, immediately follow it through by falling forward and catching yourself with your hands. It’s not necessary that your chest touches the floor but keep your knees in place as you do this.

Step 5

Immediately lift yourself up and get back to your starting position. Prepare to catch the pass from your partner.

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