Floor Press with Chains

in Triceps Exercise

Main Muscle Worked: Triceps

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Floor Press with Chains - Exercise Guide

Step 1

Adjust the hooks of a barbell rack at a height that lets you hold the bar once you’re lying on the floor. Load the barbell with appropriate weight and place the chains on the ends.

Step 2

Lie on the floor below the barbell with your head near the end of the rack.

Step 3

Extend to reach and hold the barbell with both hands. Your hands must be shoulder width away from each other.

Step 4

Pull your shoulder blades together then lift the barbell off the rack. The barbell should be directly over your chest. Your arms must be extended and elbows tucked in. This is your starting position.

Step 5

Lower the barbell towards the bottom of your chest or upper stomach. Squeeze the barbell’s handle and try to pull it apart as you do this. Keep your forearms pointing up. Continue until your upper arms touch the floor.

Step 6

Pause for a moment then press the bar back up as fast as you can. Keep the bar, your writs and elbows in line as you perform this movement.

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