Improves Kidney Function

Numerous studies also support the beneficial effects of aminophylline on kidney function and related diseases:
1. In patients with acute kidney injury, aminophylline therapy significantly improved renal excretory function as evidenced by increased urine output. [25]
2. In neonates and children, a single dose of aminophylline prevented acute kidney injury and severe renal dysfunction. [26]
3. In patients with renal colic, a type of pain associated with kidney stones, administration of 375 mg of aminophylline reduced pain by 24% to 39%. [27]
4. Aminophylline administration also reduced the prevalence of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery in pediatric patients. [28]
5. In patients with acute renal failure, aminophylline administration was associated with an improvement in renal function indices. [29]
6. In premature infants, aminophylline improved kidney function by enhancing urinary calcium and uric acid excretion. [30]
7. Intravenous aminophylline administration in human subjects was associated with a 52% reduction in the risk of contrast-induced acute kidney injury. [31-32]
8. In intensive care unit patients with acute kidney injury, aminophylline infusion at 5 mg/kg increased urine output. [33]
9. In patients admitted to a general intensive care unit following major surgery, aminophylline administration increased blood flow to the kidneys and improved glomerular filtration rate (filtering ability of the kidneys). [34]
10. In patients undergoing chemotherapy, aminophylline administration prevented the deterioration of glomerular filtration rate. [35]

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