Improves Cognitive Function

Studies show that this cognitive enhancer has positive effects on various areas of cognitive function:
1. Caffeine exhibited dose-dependent effects on alertness and visual attention in healthy participants. [1]
2. In sleep-deprived participants, a total daily dose of 800 mg of caffeine improved reaction speed and accuracy in a series of tests assessing cognitive function. [2]
3. In young adults who had sufficient sleep and another group who lacked sleep, 100 mg of caffeine improved both groups’ physical and cognitive performance during a driving task. [3]
4. In non-caffeine consumers, caffeine administration enhanced memory consolidation. [4]
5. Administration of caffeine in the morning helped with improving memory than in the afternoon. [5-6]
6. In middle-aged males, administration of 100 mg caffeine improved working memory. [7]
7. Women who consumed more than 261 mg per day of caffeine had a lower risk of developing dementia or memory impairment. [8]
8. Multiple studies found that caffeine intake was associated with a significantly lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease. [9-26]
9. Several studies also found that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. [27-37]
10. One study found that men in the highest quartile of caffeine intake were less likely to develop dementia and associated neurological conditions than men in the lowest quartile. [38]
11. In elderly men, long-term consumption of coffee significantly reduced cognitive decline. [39]
12. In older women with vascular disorders, caffeine intake was related to moderately better cognitive maintenance over 5 years. [40]
13. In older subjects, caffeine consumption improved cognitive performance in a dose-dependent manner. [41]
14. In healthy adults, coffee consumption was associated with higher cognitive scores. [42]
15. In women aged 80 or more years, lifetime coffee consumption was associated with better cognitive performance. [43]
16. In elderly subjects, tea consumption decreased risk of cognitive impairment and cognitive decline. [44]
17. In adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), tea consumption improved alertness, vigilance, efficiency, concentration, and cognitive performance. [45-46]
18. In Japanese subjects, higher consumption of green tea significantly reduced the prevalence of cognitive impairment. [47]
19. In elderly individuals, green tea consumption was significantly associated with a lower risk of functional disability related to cognitive impairment. [48-56]
20. In people aged 60 years and above, green tea consumption was significantly associated with reduced risk of cognitive decline. [57]
21. In the elderly population, green tea consumption for 12 months significantly reduced prevalence of cognitive impairment by preventing an increase in oxidative stress. [58]
22. In women aged 70-74 years, intake of caffeine-rich foods was associated with better performance in several cognitive abilities. [59]
23. In older individuals aged 65-84 years, moderate coffee consumption was associated with a reduced rate of mild cognitive impairment. [60]
24. One study found that a daily consumption level of 1-2 cups of coffee was associated with lower risk of cognitive impairment. [61]
25. In a study involving 13,137 subjects who consumed coffee for more than 5 years, a lower risk of incident dementia was observed. [62]
26. In a study involving 415,530 participants, researchers found that habitual coffee intake significantly improved reaction time, pairs matching, reasoning, and prospective memory. [63]
27. In a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, caffeine administration at a daily dose of 500 mg reversed memory impairment by decreasing brain amyloid-beta levels. 64-69]
28. In aged rats, coffee supplementation improved reference memory performance in the Morris water maze. [70]

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