Improves Exercise Performance

This central nervous system stimulant does not only boost mental function but it also enhances physical performance. Studies show that caffeine can benefit both athletes and physically active individuals:
1. In competitive and recreational athletes who perform resistance training, administration of caffeine-containing supplement increased upper-body strength. [87]
2. One study found that a 5 mg/kg dose of caffeine significantly improved duration and magnitude of exercise in the nonusers compared with the users. [88]
3. Caffeine ingestion significantly increased exercise time to exhaustion in the morning and this effect was sustained for 5 hours. [89]
4. In male distance runners, supplementation with caffeine capsule resulted in a mean improvement of 23.8 seconds in 8 km performance time. [90]
5. An analysis of multiple studies found that caffeine consumption was associated with greater time to exhaustion. [91]
6. An analysis of 21 studies found that caffeine was associated with improved exercise performance and reduced ratings of perceived exertion. [92]
7. In sleep deprived individuals, administration of 400-mg dose of caffeine followed by subsequent 100-mg doses increased time to exhaustion and reduced rating of perceived exertion. [93]
8. In healthy citizens aged 70 years and above, caffeine increased cycling endurance by 25% and isometric arm flexion endurance by 54%, and reduced the rating of perceived exertion after 5 min of cycling by 11%. [94]
9. In competitive male rugby players, caffeine supplementation at a dose of 6mg/kg improved sprint speeds, drive power, and passing accuracy. [95]
10. In sleep deprived military subjects, caffeine supplementation improved measures of shooting performance such as target detection and engagement speed. [96]
11. In cyclists, caffeine ingestion resulted in improved performance time and increased power. 97-99]
12. In runners, caffeine supplementation improved speed and VO2 (oxygen consumption rate) during high-intensity run. [100-103]
13. A study found that low doses of caffeine improved exercise performance by enhancing fat oxidation. [104-105]
14. Caffeine administration resulted in an increased performance capacity among cross-country skiers at low altitudes. [106]
15. In swimmers, caffeine administration resulted in a significantly lower perceived exertion and faster performance. [107-108]
16. In rowers, caffeine administration at a dose of 6 or 9 mg produced a worthwhile enhancement of short-term endurance performance. [109]
17. In volunteers who were subjected to perform pedaling exercises, administration of 250 mg of caffeine increased maximal anaerobic power. [110]
18. A study found that caffeine consumption above 300 mg increased resting heart rate, expired ventilation volume, and VO2. [111]
19. In exercise-trained subjects, ingestion of 4 mg/kg caffeine significantly increased resting metabolic rate (RMR). [112]
20. In a group of spinal cord-injured subjects, caffeine ingestion at a dose of 6mg/kg increased exercise time during electrical cycling. [113]
21. In highly resistance-trained males, caffeine ingestion at 7mg/kg favorably affected some strength parameters. [114]
22. Several studies found that caffeine may help improve exercise performance by relieving post-workout muscle pain. [115-117]
23. Studies found that acute caffeine ingestion may help improve strength and power during short-term high-intensity exercise performance. [118-122]

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