Improves Mood

There’s a good deal of evidence supporting the mood-elevating properties of caffeine:
1. In older adults, tea consumption was associated with reduced clinical depressive symptoms. [71]
2. In individuals aged 60 years and above, long-term tea consumption was associated with reduced depressive and anxiety symptoms. [72]
3. In healthy male subjects, caffeine supplementation as little as 32 mg significantly improved auditory vigilance and visual reaction time. [73]
4. In the community-dwelling older population, a more frequent consumption of green tea was associated with a lower prevalence of depressive symptoms. 74-75]
5. In people aged 40 years and above, higher green tea consumption was associated with lower psychological distress. [76]
6. Consumption of caffeine capsules significantly increased feelings of arousal and positive mood in nondependent individuals. [77]
7. In regular caffeine consumers, caffeine administration at 2 mg/kg improved mood and performance on a number of cognitive measures. [78]
8. In moderate to high caffeine consumers, a mean daily intake of 370 mg/day improved mood after 8 hours. [79]
9. In healthy males and females, consumption of caffeine 3 times daily for 6 days was associated with increased alertness and lesser fatigue. [80]
10. In sleep-deprived volunteers who were subjected to continuous exposure to stressors, caffeine administration (200 and 300 mg) significantly improved vigilance, reaction time, alertness, and mood state. [81]
11. In adults with moderate to high caffeine intake, consumption of a single serving of popular caffeine-containing drinks improved mood after overnight caffeine abstinence. [82]
12. In regular caffeine consumers, caffeine administration at 1.5 mg/kg led to a more positive mood and improved performance on a number of tasks. [83]
13. In non-consumers, consumption of a drink containing 2 mg/kg caffeine significantly improved mood and cognitive performance. [84]
14. In a study involving 50,739 U.S. women free of depressive symptoms, depression risk decreased with increasing caffeinated coffee consumption. [85]
15. A study of 208,424 individuals found that coffee consumption of 4 or more cups per day was associated with a 53% reduction in suicide associated with depression. [86]

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