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Caffeine is also good for the heart. There is strong scientific evidence supporting the cardioprotective effects of this powerful nootropic:
1. An analysis of several studies found that higher coffee consumption was associated with low overall relative risk of cardiovascular disease. [237]
2. A study involving 41,836 postmenopausal women aged 55-69 found that coffee consumption may inhibit inflammation and thereby reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. [238]
3. In type 2 diabetic patients, coffee drinking was associated with reduced cardiovascular disease mortality. [239]
4. A study found a lower risk of coronary heart disease among moderate coffee drinkers which can be attributed to the antioxidant properties of coffee. [240]
5. The Nurses’ Health Study I found that higher coffee consumption was associated with lower markers of inflammation and reduced incidence of endothelial dysfunction (damage to thin layers of blood vessels). [241]
6. In healthy Japanese men and women, higher caffeine intake from coffee, green tea and oolong tea was associated with a reduced risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. [242]
7. In men and women, coffee consumption may have favorable effects on morality due to all causes and to cardiovascular disease. [243]
8. A study found that high tea consumption was associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease mortality. [244]
9. In separate groups of women and men, caffeine administration at 3.3 mg/kg increased cardiac output in women, whereas increased vascular resistance (resistance that must be overcome to push blood and create flow) was observed in men. [245]
10. The Scottish Heart Health Study found that coffee and tea consumption may help avoid heart disease. [246]
11. In older subjects without moderate or severe hypertension, caffeinated coffee consumption was associated with lower risk of coronary heart disease mortality and heart valve disease development or progression. [247-248]
12. In survivors of acute myocardial infarction, coffee consumption was associated with improved prognosis. [249]
13. In a 13-year study involving 37 514 participants who were observed for the occurrence of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, researchers found that high coffee and tea consumption were associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease mortality. [250]
14. A recent German study found that consumption of 4 cups of coffee daily was associated with better heart muscle cell function and longer life of heart muscle cells. [251]

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