Boosts Cognitive Function

There is increasing evidence that cerebrolysin may help improve cognitive function and counter the effects of certain medical condition that lead to cognitive impairment:
1. In patients with schizophrenia dominated by negative symptoms, administration of cerebrolysin in addition to antipsychotic medication appears to improve cognitive function and memory. [1]
2. In healthy older adults with memory loss, administration of a derivative of cerebrolysin, N-PEP-12, improves memory. [2]
3. In healthy elderly adults, a single dose of cerebrolysin improves memory performance. [3]
4. In patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, high doses of cerebrolysin reduce psychological symptoms and slow disease progression. [4]
5. In animals with Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrolysin administration reduces the build-up of brain beta-amyloid plaques, which are sticky proteins known to cause the disease. [5-7]
6. In patients with stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI), cerebrolysin administration appears to improve cognitive recovery without any adverse side effects. [8-14]
7. In infants with communication defects due to severe brain damage during pregnancy, cerebrolysin treatment for 3 months improves communication and social interaction. [15]
8. In mouse and rat models of Parkinson’s disease, cerebrolysin promotes survival of brain cells, improves motor symptoms, and slows disease progression. [16-18]

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