Improves Sleep Quality

CJC-1295 is instrumental in regulating sleep quantity and quality by balancing body hormones. Studies show that this powerful peptide can help you get a restful sleep:
1. CJC-1295 improves sleep quality and quantity by promoting slow wave sleep, also known as deep sleep stage. [56]
2. Once-daily administration of CJC-1295 normalizes the GHRH response, which in turn induces significantly deeper sleep. [57]
3. By increasing GH levels, CJC-1295 significantly improves deep sleep stage. 58-63]
4. In patients with insomnia, administration of delta sleep-inducing peptide such as CJC-1295 is associated with higher sleep efficiency and shorter sleep latency (amount of time it takes to fall asleep). [64]
5. In men, administration of GHRH such as CJC-1295 promotes deep sleep by enhancing stage 2 sleep. [65]
6. In normal men, administration of GHRH such as CJC-1295 is associated with a 10-fold increase in slow wave sleep. [66]
7. As a growth hormone-releasing factor, CJC-1295 induces sleep by activating sleep regulatory neurons in the brain. [67-68]
8. In patients with schizophrenia, a chronic and severe mental disorder that alters cognition, emotion, and behavior, administration of GHRH such as CJC-1295 improves sleep efficiency. [69]
9. CJC-1295 increases non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and enhances EEG slow-wave activity (SWA). [70-81]
10. In rats, injection of GHRH such as CJC-1295 effectively promotes sleep. [82]

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