Improves Cognitive Function and Brain Health

Strong scientific evidence suggests that hydergine can help improve various aspects of cognitive function such as memory and thinking skills:
1. In patients with possible Alzheimer’s dementia, supplementation with daily doses of hydergine at 4 mg or more improved neuropsychological measures compared to placebo. [3-16]
2. In elderly patients with age-related mental deterioration, administration of hydergine at 4.5 mg per day for 6 months resulted in a significant reduction in cognitive deficits, anxiety, mood depression, unsociability, and irritability. [17-19]
3. In an analysis of multiple studies assessing the benefits of hydergine, researchers found that hydergine has positive effects on different aspects of cognitive function. [20]
4. In healthy elderly volunteers, hydergine administration improved performances on tests of intelligence. [21-22]
5. Studies show that hydergine improves brain health by enhancing the metabolism of cerebral ganglionic cells (brain cells), increasing the uptake of water, blood sugar and oxygen in cerebral cells, and stimulating dilation of blood vessels to improve blood circulation within the brain. [23-24]
6. In patients with clinically significant evidence of mental aging, administration of hydergine at a dose of 3 mg per day significantly improved the severity of symptoms and intellectual function. [25-26]
7. In patients with mild-to-moderate mental deterioration, hydergine supplementation significantly improved cognition and functioning. [27-29]
8. Administration of a different formulation of hydergine as a liquid in a capsule in patients with cognitive impairment led to a significant improvement in symptoms. [30]
9. In patients with chronic senile cerebral insufficiency, a rare condition characterized by obstruction of one or more arteries that supply blood to the brain, hydergine supplementation at a dose of 1.5 mg thrice a day for 6-12 months improved the severity of symptoms. [31-33]
10. In patients with late life organic brain syndromes, a group of conditions that frequently leads to impaired cognitive function, hydergine administration resulted in improvement in mental function and symptom rating scale. [34-40]
11. In elderly patients with cerebrovascular insufficiency, hydergine administration resulted in statistically significant improvement in symptoms with no evident side effects. [41-58]
12. In patients with symptoms of primary degenerative dementia, hydergine administration at a dose of 6 mg/day improved attention and other behavioral parameters. [59-63]
13. In elderly patients with cognitive impairment, hydergine had a statistically significant effect on cognitive status. [64]
14. In patients with organic brain syndrome and cerebral arteriosclerosis, hydergine administration for 12 weeks is associated with greater symptomatic relief compared to placebo. [65-67]
15. In subjects with senile mental deterioration, hydergine administration for 24 weeks improved qualitative aspects of performance such as attention and concentration. [68-73]
16. In patients with dementia, hydergine consistently produced statistically significant improvement in 13 symptoms associated with the condition. [74-79]
17. In patients affected by multi-infarct dementia, daily intravenous infusion of 3 mg hydergine over 14 days had a fast and clinically relevant effect on the key clinical symptoms of the disease. [80-81]
18. In patients with chronic psychosis, a severe mental disorder characterized by impaired emotions and detachment from reality, hydergine treatment improved psychotic symptoms. [82-83]
19. In geriatric patients with cerebrovascular disorders, administration of sublingual tablets of hydergine for twelve weeks improved cognition and intellectual function without untoward effects. [84-88]
20. In healthy elderly men and women, hydergine administration is associated with significant improvement in physical and mental health. [89-90]
21. In patients with Alzheimer’s disease, combination therapy with lecithin and ergoloid mesylates improved the abilities of patients to detect spatial arrangements, recognize faces, and identify new words. [90-91]
22. In elderly patients with signs of cerebrovascular impairment, administration of hydergine at 4.5 mg daily is associated with significant improvement in mental activity and increased blood circulation in the brain. [93-94]
23. A study assessing 26 clinical drug trials showed that hydergine treatment is effective at improving age-related cognitive dysfunction. [95]
24. In patients aged 55 to 80 years with mild memory impairment, hydergine administration at 6 mg per day for 12 weeks enhanced short-term memory function. [96]
25. In patients with cognitive impairment, hydergine administration improves various areas of cognitive functions as evidenced by improved electroencephalogram findings. [97-98]
26. Studies show that hydergine is in par with Alzheimer’s drugs such as levodopa with regards to improving cognitive function related to this disease. [99]
27. In healthy elderly men and women, hydergine treatment is associated with improved performances on tests of intelligence. [100]
28. In patients with hardened brain arteries, hydergine administration improved a number of physical and psychological symptoms such as confusion, dizziness, orientation, fatigue, emotional stability, motivation, short-term memory, depression, anxiety, cooperation, sociability, self-care, and locomotion. [101]
29. In patients with low oxygen levels (hypoxia), hydergine reduced brain dysfunction by improving brain electrical activity. [102]

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