Wards Off Depression and Anxiety

The brain-boosting properties of hydergine do not only improve cognitive function. Several lines of evidence support its antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect:
1. In patients with depression and dementia, hydergine administration improved depressive symptoms without adverse side effects. [112]
2. In elderly patients with age-related mental deterioration, 4.5 mg daily dose of hydergine for 6 months improved depressive symptoms such as unsociability and irritability. [113]
3. In aged patients with hardened brain arteries, hydergine administration improved motivation, cooperation, sociability, self-care, fatigue, and locomotion. [114]
4. In patients with dementia, hydergine improved depressive mood. [115]
5. In nursing home residents with organic brain syndrome, hydergine administration decreased symptoms of depression. [116]
6. In elderly nursing home patients, hydergine treatment for 12 weeks improved motivation. [117]
7. In patients with possible Alzheimer’s dementia, supplementation with daily doses of hydergine at 4 mg or more improved neuropsychological measures of depression. [118]
8. A review of 26 clinical studies found that hydergine administration at varying doses had a positive effect on mood. [119]
9. In elderly patients with age-related mental deterioration, administration of hydergine at 4.5 mg per day for 6 months resulted in a significant reduction in anxiety, mood depression, unsociability, and irritability. [120]
10. In patients receiving electroconvulsive therapy, hydergine treatment is associated with significantly better antidepressant response. [121]
11. In patients with alcohol-related encephalopathy, a condition that refers to brain disease, damage, or malfunction, hydergine treatment improved symptoms of depression such as sleep disturbance and agitation. [122]
12. Results from twelve different clinical trials conducted in patients with dementia showed that hydergine significantly decreased anxiety. [123]
13. In elderly patients with mental deterioration, hydergine administration at a dose of 4.5 mg for 6 months significantly reduced mood depression and anxiety. [124]
14. In 16 elderly patients, hydergine administration for 3 months decreased anxiety and irritability. [125]

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