Anti-Aging Research

The billion-dollar anti-aging hormone-therapy industry is based on a simple principle: As people age, levels of various hormones in the body decrease significantly; so replenishing youthful levels of those hormones is the key to slowing down the process of aging. The anti-aging hormone-therapy began as an industry in 1990, in New England, when 12 men over age 60 were injected with growth hormones. [32] All of the subjects experienced an increase in muscle mass and bone density, and had a significant reduction in body fat. Entrepreneurs quickly took on the study and repackaged it as a form of “anti-aging” and began offering it in cosmetic clinics and other pharmaceutical companies. Since then, thousands of research studies have been conducted on GH and IGF-1, linking it to an ever-expanding list of health-related benefits.

Anti-Aging Effect of Growth Hormone
Among its many biological effects, GH injection promotes an increase in muscle mass, bone density, exercise capacity, and a decrease in body fat. [33-34] Studies show that people with significant GH deficiency secondary to pituitary disease, have increased body fat and decreased muscle mass and bone density. [35] These body changes in GH-deficient patients mimic aging.

The landmark study of Rudman and colleagues in 1990 reported that 6 months GH injections in men over 65 years of age who have low levels of plasma IGF-1, showed increased muscle mass and bone mineral density in some of the examined sites of the skeleton and showed improved general well-being. [36] These promising results elicited enormous general interest in large pharmaceutical companies and wellness clinics, and raised the possibility of using GH replacement therapy to slow down, or perhaps reverse the process of aging, or at least some symptoms related to it. These exciting possibilities were consistent with well-documented and beneficial effects of GH supplementation in GH-deficient patients, [37] and with the ability of GH therapy to improve age-related changes in metabolic characteristics, brain vascularity and cognitive function. [38] The actions of GH have already been related to longevity in other mammals such as carnivores, rodents and ungulates. [39]

Anti-Aging Effect of IGF-1
The major role of IGF-1, insulin and other homologous molecules in the control of longevity has been conclusively documented in a wide variety of organisms such as worms, insects, and mammals. [40] In mammals, the natural decline in circulating IGF-1 levels due to aging has been associated with neuronal aging and symptoms of neurodegeneration. [41]

Signaling through the insulin/IGF-1 pro-survival pathway is known to demonstrate protective effects in nerve cells (neurons) and it plays an important role in neuronal growth and physiology. [42-43] Suspected mechanisms of IGF-1 action in aging include reduced insulin signaling and enhanced sensitivity to insulin, thus, slowing the aging process. [44] Aging is associated with increased vascular oxidative stress and vascular disease. [45] One of the mechanisms in which IGF-1 can slow the process of aging is that IGF-1 can reduce oxidative stress. [46] ”

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