Growth Hormone and IGF-1 in Athletics

IGF-1 has a growth stimulating effect, independent of and in conjunction with GH. According to researchers, IGF-1 achieves this effect by suppressing the breakdown of protein and preserving skeletal muscle. [396] Such effect can lead to increased muscle mass, strength and performance. Even though it is tightly controlled by law, GH and IGF-1 supplements are wildly attractive to both pro and amateur weightlifters and athletes. The reasons are simple. These supplements build lean muscle faster, increase recovery rate and makes you train harder. Taking GH and IGF-1 supplements can give athletes an edge over other competitors by boosting their performance in their field of sports.
Anabolic Effect in Athletics
GH and IGF-1 compounds bind to specific receptors, initiating cell division, which in turn causes muscle growth and an increase in muscle mass. [397] IGF-1 has a specific role in protein synthesis which leads to bone formation, and has a major role in muscle and bone repair. Both GH and IGF-1 exerts the following anabolic effects which can benefit pros and amateur athletes alike: [398]

  • Boosts protein synthesis, leading to improved muscle mass and strength
  • Causes significant fat reduction
  • Inhibits the catabolic effects (breakdown phase) of athletic training
  • Causes significant height increase
  • Causes a synergistic anabolic effect when used with anabolic steroids
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