Builds Lean Muscle Mass

Getting higher percentage of lean muscle mass while reducing body fat is the most pronounced reason why bodybuilders, athletes, and even amateurs opt for ipamorelin injections. Studies show that ipamorelin has potent muscle-building properties that can help those who want to improve their body composition:
1. Studies show that ipamorelin boost the levels growth hormone (GH), a process that is vital in muscle growth and development. [1-8]
2. By increasing GH levels, ipamorelin helps enhance muscle synthesis. [1-17]
3. As a growth hormone releasing peptide, ipamorelin promotes muscle growth and inhibits muscle wasting. [18-19]
4. In a severely emaciated anorexia nervosa patient, one-year intranasal application of growth hormone releasing peptide improves muscle mass and strength. [20]
5. By increasing ghrelin levels, ipamorelin improves muscle mass by increasing food intake. [21-23]
6. Growth hormone releasing peptide administration increases muscle mass by promoting muscle regeneration and increasing the levels of collagen. [24-27]
7. In rats, ipamorelin administration counteracts muscle wasting induced by glucocorticoid injections. [28]

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- Nick Cassavetes, 60 yrs old

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