Protects Against Stroke

Because KPV and α-MSH share similar properties, they may exert the same beneficial effects. There’s increasing evidence that supports that these peptides may be a therapeutic option in stroke:
1. α-MSH (1 mg/kg) was shown to improve the recovery of animals with stroke especially when given before and during the 20-minute ischemia (reduced blood flow to the brain). [82]
2. When given before the start of the ischemia and again 1 hour after reperfusion (restoration of blood flow), α-MSH prevents further occlusion and inflammation of the artery. [83]
3. Several studies suggest that α-MSH exerts its protective mechanism against ischemic brain damage by reducing the brain levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. [84-88]
4. A 2003 study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology reported that subcutaneous injection of α-MSH appears to significantly reduce the size of infarct (dead tissue caused by reduced blood flow). [89]
5. Several studies also found that α-MSH protects against heart and kidney problems associated with stroke. [90-97]

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