Accelerates Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration

Growth hormone secretagogues such as MK-677 have the ability to accelerate repair of damaged tissues caused by physical trauma or sports-related injuries. There is compelling evidence supporting the regenerative properties of MK-677:
1. By boosting GH levels, MK-677 accelerates the migration of cells into the injured or damaged tissues, thus speeding up the wound healing process. [137-139]
2. MK-677 can also speed up the wound healing process by increasing skin thickness. [140]
3. MK-677 speeds up wound healing by increasing wound collagen content, granulation tissue and wound tensile strength. [141-143]
4. MK-677 increases IGF-1 levels, which in turn stimulates wound healing by increasing cell proliferation and collagen synthesis. [144-147]
5. In mice, SARMs administration also prevents damage to the central nervous system and improves regeneration by reducing inflammatory substances. [148]
6. In rats, growth hormone secretagogue administration improves functional recovery after various injuries by stimulating the formation of new neuronal cells. [149]
7. In mice, administration of growth hormone secretagogue enhances healing of skin wounds resulting from trauma, surgery, or disease. [150]

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