Treats Alcohol Dependence

Treating alcohol dependence is one the main benefits of naltrexone. An overwhelming body of clinical evidence clearly supports its effects on alcohol cravings:
1. In women with alcohol use disorders, naltrexone treatment reduced drinking quantity and time to relapse. [1]
2. In patients with alcohol dependence and at least 4 days of abstinence, naltrexone administration at a dose of 100 mg daily for 16 weeks significantly increased days of abstinence and reduced the risk of heavy-drinking days. [2]
3. In male alcohol-dependent patients, naltrexone treatment for 12 weeks prevented alcohol relapse without any adverse side effects. [3]
4. An analysis of several studies found that 19 (70%) of 27 clinical trials assessing the effect of naltrexone on alcohol addiction showed significant reductions in “”heavy or excessive drinking””. [4]
5. An analysis of several studies also found that naltrexone treatment was associated with reductions in event-level craving and consumption. [5]
6. In alcohol-dependent men, naltrexone promoted abstinence and decreased the incidence of relapse. [6]
7. In patients with alcohol dependence, naltrexone treatment resulted in a significant reduction in heavy drinking. [7]
8. In alcohol-dependent participants who were highly compliant with taking naltrexone, the treatment significantly improved outcome measures. [8]
9. An analysis of multiple studies also found that naltrexone reduced relapse rates after abstinence. [9]
10. In alcohol-dependent men, naltrexone reduced the consumption of alcohol and was well-tolerated. [10]
11. An analysis of several studies assessing the effects of naltrexone on alcohol dependence found that short-term administration of the drug reduced the relapse rate significantly. [11]
12. When administered to patients who were still currently drinking, naltrexone safely and effectively reduced cravings. [12-13]
13. In alcoholic men, naltrexone treatment significantly reduced alcohol craving and drinking, and was associated with lesser euphoria related to alcohol consumption. [14]
14. In alcoholic patients, naltrexone significantly improved treatment compliance and reduced cravings. [15]
15. When combined with gabapentin, a drug for nerve pain, naltrexone improved drinking outcomes. [16]
16. Naltrexone has also been found to be effective when administered without a period of abstinence or detoxification in alcoholics. [17]
17. Recent studies found that naltrexone treatment was beneficial in alcoholic patients when given during a period of abstinence. [18-19]
18. Oral naltrexone has a moderate to good clinical efficacy in treating patients with alcohol dependence. [20]
19. Studies also found that naltrexone is most effective for achieving controlled drinking. [21-22]
20. A study found that the effectiveness of naltrexone treatment is greater during active alcohol consumption [23].
21. Naltrexone is also associated with significant improvements in several clinical measures such as time to alcohol relapse, daily alcohol intake, liver function indicators, and reduction in alcohol craving. [24]
22. Studies found that administration of depot sustained release formulations of naltrexone for 4 weeks is highly associated with improved treatment outcomes. [25-28]
23. Studies also found that naltrexone injection at a dose of 380 mg reduced the number of heavy drinking days per month by 10 times. [29-30]
24. Several studies also reported that treatment with a longer acting naltrexone preparation can significantly reduce the frequency of re-treatments and relapse and can produce stable patient outcomes over time. [31-34]

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