Improves Cognitive Function

An overwhelming body of clinical evidence supports the benefits of Noopept on various areas of cognitive function such as memory, learning, and thinking ability:
1. In patients with cognitive disturbances caused by traumas or vascular brain diseases, Noopept improved brain function as evidenced by increased alpha- and beta-rhythms power in the electroencephalogram (EEG). [1-2]
2. Administration of Noopept at a dose of 20 mg daily for 2 months improved cognitive function in patients with stroke and has a high level of safety. [3]
3. In several animal models of Alzheimer disease (AD), Noopept protected rat brain cells against amyloid beta toxicity (causative agent of AD) by inhibiting oxidative damage, preventing calcium overload, and suppressing apoptosis (programed cell death). [4-10]
4. Repeated oral administration of Noopept in rats improved learning compared to single dose. [11]
5. In a photochemical stroke rat model, Noopept demonstrated both cognition-restoring and neuroprotective properties. [12]
6. In normal and Down’s syndrome human brain neurons, Noopept prevented oxidative damage and apoptosis. [13]
7. In conscious rats, Noopept administration increased brain activity in the EEG. [14]
8. Noopept has the ability to increase the levels of Nerve Growth Factor and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, which is associated with chronic improvement in memory. [15-16]
9. Noopept may help improve cognitive function by enhancing the electrical signals between neurons. [17]
10. Noopept at a 1:1 ratio or ten-fold greater appeared to significantly reduce the levels of Lewy bodies (protein clumps causing Parkinson’s disease) in the brain. [18]

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