Progesterone and Fertility

Progesterone is known as the “hormone of pregnancy” because it plays several important bodily functions during this stage such as maintenance of the lining of the uterus, survival of the embryo, prevention of immune rejection of the developing baby, development of the fetus, and proper utilization of fat and energy. Because of these vital functions, several studies assessing the beneficial effects of progesterone supplementation on fertility issues have been performed and results indicate that progesterone is safe and effective:
1. Women with low progesterone levels are at greater risk for unexplained miscarriages whereas women who received progesterone treatment had reduced rate of miscarriages. [158-162]
2. Progesterone helps maintain early pregnancy by decreasing inflammation. [163-167]
3. Intramuscular or vaginal progesterone administration improves pregnancy outcome by supporting the luteal phase (thickening of the uterus in preparation for pregnancy) following in-vitro fertilization and is widely employed in intrauterine insemination cycles as well. [168-173]
4. Progesterone supplementation during the luteal phase and in early pregnancy can successfully treat infertility. [174]
5. In women with fertility issues, artificial use of progesterone helps achieve normal development of the uterus. [175-176]
6. Progesterone supplementation is associated with higher delivery rates. [177-178]

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