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There’s a good deal of evidence that supports the potent anti-anxiety effect of Selank:
1. In patients suffering from pre-existing anxiety disorders, the group treated with Selank had fewer anxiety symptoms. [1]
2. In patients with phobic-anxiety- and somatoform disorders, Selank demonstrated an anti-anxiety effect that lasted for a week and improved the quality of life of the patients. [2]
3. Administration of Selank along with the anti-anxiety drug phenazepam was associated with decreased level of undesirable side effects and had had a positive impact on the quality of life of the patients. [3-4]
4. Selank administration was found to be more effective in alleviating symptoms in mice with severe anxiety. [5-7]
5. In patients with generalized anxiety disorder and neurasthenia (emotional disturbance), Selank administration for 14 days had positive effect on anxiety symptoms. [8]
6. In rats, administration of Selank eliminated the anxious response in the elevated plus maze test after 48 hours and increased exploratory behavior. [9]
7. In rats with unpredictable chronic mild stress conditions, Selank enhanced the effect of diazepam in reducing anxiety. [10]

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- Nick Cassavetes, 60 yrs old

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