Testosterone levels generally peak during the adolescent period and early adulthood. As men age and when they reach andropause or sometimes called male menopause (usually between the ages of 40 and 80 above), they can experience a number of symptoms related to natural decline in testosterone levels. [11]

One of the most common symptoms is a decrease in sexual function. They experience reduced sex drive, fewer erections, hot flashes and infertility. Other physical changes related to low testosterone levels include increased body fat, decreased muscle mass and body hair, fragile bones, swelling or tenderness in the breast tissue, increased fatigue and has an effect on cholesterol metabolism. [12]

Despite the fact that low testosterone can cause decreased energy levels, it can also cause insomnia and changes in sleep patterns. Affected individuals can also experience emotional changes such as feelings of sadness or depression, low self-esteem and motivation, lack of concentration or focus, and an overall decrease in sense of well-being. While each of these symptoms is related to low testosterone level, they may also be related to other medical conditions such as thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders, side effects of medications and mental problems.

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