Testosterone and Mood

Testosterone can alter a person’s mood if it falls below the normal level. Researchers first noticed the effects of low testosterone in animals. The researchers observed that males with decreased testosterone become much more aggressive and prone to fighting instead of becoming docile and quiet. [289] Since then, they have studied this effect in different kinds of mammals and in humans. Interestingly, growing scientific evidence shows that testosterone replacement therapy does have a positive effect in improving the mood of men and women who are suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and other mood disorders.
Numerous studies even found that low levels of testosterone are associated with a higher risk of depression in men and women. [290-292] This strongly suggests that testosterone supplementation may significantly boost the overall mood as well as quality of life of people suffering from depressive symptoms. Furthermore, results from these high quality studies clearly indicate that having healthy testosterone levels dramatically lowers one’s risk for mood disorders.
Generally, questionnaires are used to monitor psychological items such as positive mood responses and negative mood responses. [293] Other studies have assessed similar attributes such as being angry, alert, energetic, irritable, tired, sad, nervous, and changes in well-being. [294] Changes in mood parameters such as having low mood are generally experienced by hypogonadal men. In order to correct this, testosterone replacement therapy is usually prescribed because of its antidepressant effect. To prove the therapeutic benefits of testosterone on depression, Zarrouf et al. conducted both a systematic review of literature and a meta-analysis of studies exploring the antidepressant effect of testosterone. [295] The results of the meta-analysis of the data from seven studies showed a significant positive effect of testosterone therapy on Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D) response in depressed patients when compared with placebo.
A related study by Pope et al. also showed improvement in scores on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale in men who had refractory depression and low or borderline testosterone levels who received transdermal testosterone gel supplementation for 8 weeks than subjects receiving placebo. [296]
Testosterone can even surpass the effects of anti-depressants such as Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) in minimizing the symptoms of depression. In one study, Seidman et al. reported that 400 mg of testosterone replacement biweekly for 8 weeks in five depressed men who had low testosterone levels and had not responded to SSRI, showed improvements in depressive symptoms. [297]
Studies also show that testosterone does have beneficial effects on mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression. A study by Wooderson et al. found that men with bipolar disorder had significantly lower testosterone levels, suggesting that healthy testosterone levels may prevent this mood disorder. [298]
Another study conducted by Kawahara et al. also found that testosterone therapy is beneficial in alleviating psychiatric symptoms in patients who are unresponsive to mood stabilizers and second-generation antipsychotics. [299]
Low testosterone levels have also been associated with anxiety and poorer sense of psychological well-being, which ultimately leads to impaired quality of life. Interestingly, numerous high quality studies show that testosterone does have anti-anxiety effects, and that testosterone supplementation is beneficial in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and improving quality of life of older men and women. [301-303]

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