Testosterone and Hair Health

Each hair follicle is equipped with an individual genetic code. Basically, this code is just like a “program” which determines where on the skin a hair will grow or fall out. Sex hormones such as testosterone and its even more potent metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), play an important role in the hair growth process. From birth until advanced age, these hormones work together to maintain hair quality and quantity.
Studies reported that baldness is a hormonal dysfunction, which is associated with low blood levels of testosterone. [562-564] The natural decline in testosterone causes the hair to thin, which ultimately results in baldness. In order to treat age-related hair loss, physicians prescribe testosterone replacement therapy.
The role of testosterone in hair loss is well established. A study by Glaser et al. looked at the effects of testosterone implant therapy in female patients for at least 1 year. [565] Out of the 285 patients, 76 (27%) reported thinning of hair prior to testosterone therapy. After the treatment period, 48 of these patients (63%) reported scalp hair regrowth in a high proportion without any adverse side effects.
Aside from improvement in body composition, cognition, mood, and quality of life, Bhasin et al. also reported that testosterone replacement therapy can also treat hair loss in men with testosterone deficiency. [566] In addition to improved scalp hair regrowth, researchers also observed that testosterone therapy increased hair growth in several androgen-sensitive areas (facial hair, pubic hair, and underarm hair).

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