Thyroid Hormone and Cognitive Health

Thyroid hormone also helps regulate the growth and development of nerve cells as well as different processes in the brain. Specifically, there appears to be extensive interaction between thyroid hormones and certain brain chemicals, suggesting that healthy thyroid hormone levels may be beneficial on memory, learning, and other cognitive functions. Strong scientific evidence suggests that thyroid hormone replacement therapy can help combat cognitive impairments associated with aging and other medical conditions:
1. Low thyroid hormone levels are strongly linked with poorer cognitive function and cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. [100-124]
2. On the other hand, higher thyroid hormone levels are associated with better cognitive function. [125-128]
3. T3 helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease by inhibiting the production of amyloid beta, which are abnormal proteins and the major cause of the disease. [129-130]
4. In pregnant women, T4 administration prevents cases of decreased child intelligence quotient. [131]
5. In hypothyroid patients, T4 replacement therapy markedly improves cognition and emotion. [132-133]
6. Patients with cognitive impairment appear to respond well to combined T3 and T4 therapy compared to monotherapy. [134]
7. In patients with hypothyroidism, standard T4 monotherapy improves well-being and cognitive performance. [135]
8. In patients with hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone replacement therapy leads to normalization of cognitive functions. [136]
9. In hypothyroid patients, 3-month thyroid hormone replacement therapy significantly increases verbal memory retrieval. [137]
10. In patients with hypothyroidism, thyroid hormone replacement therapy improves psychological well-being. [138]
11. Combination T3 and T4 therapy for patients with hypothyroidism appears to be safe and effective in improving cognitive function. [139-140]
12. In patients with hypothyroidism, T4 treatment significantly normalizes cognitive function. [141]
13. Combined treatment of T3 and T4 in patients with hypothyroidism after thyroidectomy significantly improves mental status. [142]
14. Successful treatment of hypothyroidism with T4 is associated with recovery or improvement of neurocognitive function and psychological well-being. [143-144]
15. In rats, T4 administration enhances learning ability by increasing the levels of acetylcholine, a brain chemical that regulates learning and memory. [145-149]

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