Accelerates Hair Regeneration

“Recently, Korean researchers found that a protein called CXXC5 can interfere with how WNT/β-catenin signaling pathways affect hair growth. [71] According to the researchers, CXXC5 appears to act as a “negative regulator” on the Wnt/β-catenin pathway, which can impair the anagen phase of hair cycle. Of note, researchers added that subjects who suffer from hair loss have higher levels of CXXC5 in their scalp tissues.
Based on these findings, the researchers developed a biochemical substance known as PTD-DBM which is short for Protein transduction domain (PTD)-Dvl-binding motif (DBM). This new compound promotes hair growth and hair regeneration by inhibiting the production of CXXC5.
The researchers applied PTD-DBM on the bare skin of laboratory mice. After 28 days, new hair follicle growths were observed. When PTD-DBM was applied along with valproic acid, researchers observed faster growth of new hair. These results suggest that the combination of PTD-DBM and valproic acid can address hair loss problems related to aging or other medical conditions.

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