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There’s also a good amount of evidence demonstrating the safety and efficacy of valproic acid in stabilizing the mood of patients with various psychological disorders:
1. In patients with neurosis, a mild mental illness characterized by stress, depression, anxiety, and obsessive behavior, valproic acid significantly improved scores in various tests assessing symptoms such as Clinical Global Impression Scale for panic severity, the Hamilton Psychiatric Rating Scale for Anxiety, and the panic factor of the SCL-90.[34-35]
2. In patients with panic disorder who failed to respond to conventional treatment, valproic acid reduced symptoms of anxiety and improved low and unstable mood.[36]
3. In patients with social anxiety disorder, valproic acid administration at 500-2500 mg for 12 weeks improved scores in Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS), a measure of anxiety symptoms.[37]
4. In patients with generalized anxiety disorder that is resistant to antidepressants, valproic acid improved symptoms by increasing the efficiency of gamma-aminobutyric acid.[38]
5. In human model of anxiety behavior, valproic acid treatment reduced subjective ratings of anxiety.[39]
6. In bipolar patients, valproic acid administration at a dose range of 50-300 mg/day for 8 weeks appears to reduce anxiety.[40]
7. In patients with major depressive disorder, valproic acid significantly improved scores in the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HRSD).[41]
8. In patients with major depressive disorder who are resistant to antidepressant medications, valproic acid administration provided substantial clinical improvement.[42]
9. In patients with long-lasting depressive and anxiety symptoms, valproic acid administration at 100–1250 mg/day significantly reduced symptoms.[43-45]
10. In patients with acute bipolar depression, valproic acid administration significantly reduced symptoms without any adverse effects.[46-50]
11. In patients with acute mania, a mental illness characterized by great excitement, delusions, and overactivity, valproic acid was similar in efficacy to the antipsychotic drug haloperidol in treating manic episodes.[51]
12. In patients with schizophrenia, a mental disorder characterized by cognitive impairment and detachment from reality, short-term valproic acid treatment improved psychotic symptoms.[52-55]
13. In patients with schizoaffective disorder, a mental condition like schizophrenia but with depression and mania symptoms, valproic acid reduced symptoms and was found to be effective than other antipsychotic drugs such as lithium.[56-57]
14. Valproic acid treatment was also associated with reduced length and intensity of symptoms as well as fewer and shorter hospital stays.[58]

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