Niacin, also known as nicotinamide, is an essential form of vitamin B3 that helps prevent kidney, brain, and skin disorders. Aside from converting food into energy, it is also helps in a broad range of bodily functions such as maintenance of a healthy nervous system, proper blood circulation, hydrochloric acid production, secretion of bile and other digestive fluids, and sex hormone production.

Overall Health Benefits

  • Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease [1-4]
  • Improves lipid profile [5-6]
  • Treats migraines and headaches [7-8]
  • Improves kidney function [9-11]
  • Boosts brain power [12]
  • Prevents cancer [13-15]
  • Prevents and treats pellagra [16-17]

Proven Health Benefits

Lowers the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Studies suggest that this essential form of vitamin B3 can help protect against cardiovascular disease:

  1. In adults, niacin supplementation improved cardiovascular health. [1]
  2. A study showed that niacin supplementation can help prevent blood vessel rupture. [2]
  3. In adults, the combination of riboflavin and niacin reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease. [3]
  4. A study suggested that niacin supplementation can be an option for cardiovascular disease prevention. [4]

Improves Lipid Profile

Niacin has also been found to lower fatty acids or lipids in the blood:

  1. Administration of niacin in patients who are at higher risk for coronary artery disease resulted in lower lipid levels. [5]
  2. In diabetic patients, niacin administration improved lipid profile without affecting their sugar levels. [6]

Treats Migraines and Headaches

Studies suggest that niacin has pain-relieving properties that can be beneficial in patients with migraines and headaches:

  1. A study showed that niacin administration completely eliminated migraines and headaches in patients suffering from these conditions. [7]
  2. In a 62-year-old female patient, niacin significantly reduced the incidence of migraine. [8]

Improves Kidney Function

The beneficial effects of niacin on kidney function are backed by a number of studies:

  1. In Japanese patients, niacin treated kidney disease without any adverse side effects. [9]
  2. In patients with chronic renal failure, niacin prevented elevations in lipids and phosphate. [10]
  3. In rats with kidney failure, niacin inhibited inflammation, thus slowing down the progression of kidney disease. [11]

Boosts Brain Power

In one study, higher niacin concentration was found to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment. [12] This suggests that niacin supplementation can improve cognitive health and protect against various brain disorders.

Prevents Cancer

Evidence also found that niacin can combat different types of cancer:

  1. In a rat model of cancer, niacin killed tumor cells and decreased the severity of side effects from chemotherapy. [13]
  2. In mice, supplementation with niacin prevented cancer by protecting against DNA damage. [14]
  3. In human breast cancer cells, niacin in combination with chemotherapy induced programmed cell death. [15]

Prevents and Treats Pellagra

Studies also found that niacin can be an effective treatment for pellagra, a condition characterized by skin inflammation and mouth sores:

  1. In patients with pellagra due to vitamin B3 deficiency, administration of niacin treated the condition. [16]
  2. A study found that niacin supplementation can help reduce the risk of pellagra. [17]


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