Selank, previously known as TP-7, is a small protein that is artificially produced in Russia. It is commonly prescribed as an anti-anxiety drug and has no side effects or risk of addiction. By boosting the levels of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, Selank ultimately improves cognition and reduces stress. Because of the unique spectrum of the pharmacological action of Selank and higher safety profile, scientists believe that it has the potential to replace tranquilizers, antidepressants, and stimulants.

Overall Health Benefits of Selank

  • Fights anxiety [1-12]
  • Improves learning ability [13-25]
  • Strengthens immune function [26-31]
  • Treats alcohol withdrawal symptoms [32-33]
  • Improves liver health [34-35]

Proven Health Benefits of Selank

Fights Anxiety

There’s a good deal of evidence that supports the potent anti-anxiety effect of Selank:

  1. In patients suffering from pre-existing anxiety disorders, the group treated with Selank had fewer anxiety symptoms. [1]
  2. In patients with phobic-anxiety- and somatoform disorders, Selank demonstrated an anti-anxiety effect that lasted for a week and improved the quality of life of the patients. [2]
  3. Administration of Selank along with the anti-anxiety drug phenazepam was associated with decreased level of undesirable side effects and had had a positive impact on the quality of life of the patients. [3-4]
  4. Selank administration was found to be more effective in alleviating symptoms in mice with severe anxiety. [5-7]
  5. In patients with generalized anxiety disorder and neurasthenia (emotional disturbance), Selank administration for 14 days had positive effect on anxiety symptoms. [8]
  6. In rats, administration of Selank eliminated the anxious response in the elevated plus maze test after 48 hours and increased exploratory behavior. [9]
  7. In rats with unpredictable chronic mild stress conditions, Selank enhanced the effect of diazepam in reducing anxiety. [10]
  8. In patients with various forms of anxiety, Selank administration decreased symptoms by inhibiting the enzyme enkephalinase. [11-12]

Improves Learning Ability and Memory

The ability of Selank to reduce anxiety and boost the levels of neurotransmitters may play an integral part in improving learning ability and memory according to studies:

  1. Selank administration (300 micrograms/kg) significantly activated the learning process in rats with initially poor learning ability compared to piracetam. [13]
  2. In rats with Parkinson’s disease, Selank improved performance in the elevated cross shaped maze test. [14]
  3. A study found that Selank may help improve learning ability by stabilizing the levels of enkephalins, which are natural peptides in the body that reduce stress. [15-19]
  4. In adult Wistar rats with brain damage, Selank administration at 300 micrograms/kg restored cognitive processes. [17]
  5. In adult rats, injection of Selank (300 µg/kg) improved sensory attention levels, learning process, and the level of investigative activity. [20]
  6. Selank administration in rats for 30 days stabilized memory traces (storage). [21-22]
  7. In monkeys, Selank exhibited anti-amnesia effects. [23]
  8. In rats, a single intranasal administration of Selank can potentially improve cognitive function by increasing brain derived neurotrophic factor gene (BDNF) and nerve growth factor gene (NGF). [24]
  9. A rat study also found that Selank can improve learning and memory by affecting genes involved in neurotransmission (transmission of electric signals between nerve cells). [25]

Strengthens Immune Function

Selank also exerts its immune-boosting properties by affecting the production of certain cells and substances in the body:

  1. In patients suffering from depression, administration of Selank resulted in an increase in IL-6, an inflammatory protein that destroys infection-causing microorganisms. [26-27]
  2. A cell-based study found that Selank has the ability to stimulate the release of the anti-viral molecules known as interferons. [28]
  3. In another cell-based study, Selank completely suppressed the reproduction of the influenza virus. [29]
  4. Selank also has the ability to boost the production of T helper type 1 (Th1) cells, which help fight against viral and bacterial pathogens. [30]
  5. In mice, Selank altered the genes involved in the process of inflammation (chemokines, cytokines, and its receptors). [31]

Treats Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

This powerful anti-anxiety drug also has beneficial effects on symptoms of alcohol withdrawal:

  1. In rats, Selank decreased alcohol-withdrawal-related anxiety in just 48 hours. [32]
  2. Administration of Selank in rats was associated with longer alcohol abstinence. [33]

Improves Liver Health

There’s also strong scientific evidence suggesting that Selank may help benefit the liver:

  1. Selank in doses of 100 and 300 μg/kg decreased the levels of free radicals in the liver of rats, suggesting that it has potent antioxidant activity. [34]
  2. Administration of Selank in doses of 300 and 1000 μg/kg in rats restored the structures of the liver cells (hepatocytes). [35]


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