Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, is one of the eight vitamins in B-complex. Readily available in food as well as dietary supplements, these water-soluble vitamins work together to help the body convert food into energy, among other things. This important nutrient aids in maintaining the sodium and potassium balance, promotes red blood cell production, synthesizes RNA and DNA, and is necessary for the production of hydrochloric acid, a substance in the stomach which is necessary for digestion and absorption of foods and nutrients.

Overall Health Benefits

  • Lowers risk of heart disease [1-4]
  • Boosts immune function [5-6]
  • Lowers blood pressure [7-10]
  • Helps lose weight [11-12]
  • Accelerates wound healing [13]
  • Prevents cancer [14-16]
  • Boosts brain power [17-19]
  • Prevents age-related blindness [20]

Proven Health Benefits

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

A number of studies suggest that vitamin B6 is essential for maintaining a healthy heart:

  1. In Korean men, higher dietary intake of vitamin B6 was associated with a low cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk. [1]
  2. A study showed that higher intake of vitamin B6 resulted in a lower risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). [2]
  3. In women, higher doses of vitamin B6 prevented CHD. [3]
  4. In patients who are at risk for heart disease, higher vitamin B6 intake was associated with a lower risk of heart attack. [4]

Boosts Immune Function

Vitamin B6 has also been shown to strengthen the immune system:

  1. In critically ill patients, high-dose supplementation with vitamin B6 produced better immunity response. [5]
  2. In a mouse model, it was found that vitamin B6 deficiency caused a significant reduction in immune system cells. [6]

Lowers Blood Pressure

The anti-hypertensive effects of vitamin B6 are backed by a number of studies:

  1. In mice, vitamin B6 supplementation prevented elevations in blood pressure. [7]
  2. In various animal models of hypertension, vitamin B6 decreased blood pressure by reducing resistance within the blood vessels. [8]
  3. In rats, administration of vitamin B6 attenuated hypertension. [9-10]

Helps Lose Weight

Studies suggest that vitamin B6 supplementation can help promote weight loss:

  1. In obese women, vitamin B6 supplementation was associated with a better body composition. [11]
  2. A study showed that low vitamin B6 concentrations were present in obese Norwegian patients. [12]

Accelerates Wound Healing

In diabetic mice subjects, vitamin B6 supplementation effectively improved wound healing. [13] This suggests that vitamin B6 can be a therapeutic option for diabetic wounds.

Prevents Cancer

Studies also show that vitamin B6 has anti-cancer properties:

  1. A study showed that vitamin B6 prevented tumor growth. [14]
  2. One study also found that vitamin B6 could potentially lower the risk of cancer. [15]
  3. Higher vitamin B6 intake was also found to be linked with a lower risk of tumor growth. [16]

Boosts Brain Power

A number of studies reported that vitamin B6 is essential for normal cognitive function:

  1. In animal models, higher vitamin B6 intake was associated with a better cognitive function. [17]
  2. A study showed that vitamin B6 administration can help improve cognitive function by repairing nerve damage in the brain. [18]
  3. In Iranian patients with cognitive disorder, higher vitamin B6 intake was associated with decreased brain malfunction. [19]

Prevents Age-Related Blindness

Vitamin B6 can also help improve eye health especially in the elderly population. A study assessing the effects of vitamin B6 intake on adult female health professionals found a lower risk of age-related macular degeneration. [20]


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