Low Energy and Fatigue

Low Energy and Fatigue: Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone

One-fourth of all Americans have episodes of fatigue characterized by lethargy, low energy and tiredness. Low energy levels are more common in men who are undergoing the transition into andropause. Living with chronic fatigue results in a lower quality of life

Fatigue and Andropause

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of andropause. Most men experience fatigue during andropause. “Feeling tired all of the time” is frustrating enough, but to make matters worse, fatigue can cause many other issues. For example, fatigue results in decreased motivation to work, which can result in worsening job performance. Fatigue results in decreased motivation to exercise, which can result in less exercise. Less exercise means a reduction in heart health, more fat accumulation, increased health risks, and a lower quality of life. Fatigue can also result in frustration, and depressed mood and irritability, along with many other unpleasant symptoms.

Male Hormone Imbalance and Fatigue

Male hormones control many processes in the male body, including energy creation at a cellular level. Low testosterone levels are one of the most common causes of fatigue and low energy levels in men. Besides testosterone, thyroid and cortisol imbalance are also important regulators of energy levels.

Although fatigue is mostly caused by hormonal changes during andropause, there are other symptoms of andropause that can cause fatigue, including depression and insomnia.

Your Solution: Treatment of Low Energy with Natural Bioidentical
Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Low testosterone is a common cause of fatigue, but you don’t have to just live it. Natural testosterone therapy in men can restore your testosterone levels, thus improving your energy levels to the levels you had in your youth. Genemedics Health Institute expert endocrinologist can help create a personalized testosterone replacement program that will address your fatigue, as well as improve your overall health. All of our hormone replacement programs include a nutrition and exercise component, as well as a supplement program designed to revitalize your body with missing nutrients. Call us today for your initial consultation