HIPAA Notice Of Privacy Practices

This Notice outlines how medical information about your health may be utilised and disclosed by Genemedics in its capacity as a Business Associate to the affiliated physician responsible for your care and how you can access this information. Please read this Notice attentively.

What constitutes your medical information?

This encompasses all healthcare-related details in your file, including your medical history, existing condition, diagnoses, examination notes, test outcomes, and prescribed treatments.

Why are you receiving this Notice?

Genemedics serves as a Business Associate to your physician, thereby executing specific administrative functions for them that necessitate access to your medical records. As a Business Associate, Genemedics is mandated to adhere to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which obliges it to uphold the confidentiality of your medical information. Similarly, your physician, as a provider of medical services, must also conform to the HIPAA Privacy Rule. This Rule grants you specific rights concerning your medical information. This Notice elucidates both our responsibilities and your rights under the Privacy Rule.

Your entitlements:

While your physical medical file remains under the ownership of your physician, the information within it belongs to you. Consequently, you possess the right to:

  • Request that both Genemedics and your physician restrict the utilization or disclosure of your medical information for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. Be aware that neither Genemedics nor your physician is obligated to accept these restrictions, but if they do consent, they must adhere to the imposed limitations. It’s important to note that Genemedics does not provide medical services, advice, or treatment; it offers this Notice exclusively in its capacity as a Business Associate to your physician.
  • Ask both Genemedics and your physician to communicate with you through alternative confidential means about your medical information. Additionally, you can request that these communications be sent to an alternative location.
  • Inspect and obtain copies of your medical information for the duration during which your physician and/or Genemedics maintain your medical record. While there are certain circumstances under which your request might be denied, such denials are generally subject to review. Also, be aware that specific medical information, such as psychotherapy notes and data prepared for legal proceedings, may not be accessible.
  • Submit a written request to your physician and Genemedics to amend your medical information or record unless the record is already accurate and complete or either entity still needs to create the information you wish to amend. Genemedics will address your written request within 60 days of receiving it, either by making the necessary amendment or providing you with a written explanation for any denial.
  • With a few exceptions, ask both Genemedics and your physician for an accounting of disclosures of your medical information.
  • Receive a paper copy of this Notice.

Genemedics’ responsibilities: We are obligated to fulfil the following:

  • Safeguard the confidentiality of your medical information and furnish you with this Notice.
  • Adhere to the stipulations outlined in this Notice.
  • Inform you if we cannot comply with a restriction on use or disclosure that you have requested.
  • Accommodate reasonable requests from you to communicate through alternative means or at a different location.

Kindly be aware that Genemedics retains the right to modify its privacy practices and apply these changes to your medical information. Should such changes occur, we will dispatch a revised Notice to the address you provided.

Use and disclosure scenarios:

Here are some instances illustrating how Genemedics may utilize and disclose your medical information:

  • Healthcare operations: Genemedics employs an extensive electronic health record (EHR) system that your attending physician utilizes to access and update your medical record. The information within the EHR helps the Company provide administrative and support services to your physician, track and incorporate lab test results into your record, manage your appointments with your physician, and address non-physician-related queries.
  • Billing and payment: Genemedics will handle the billing process for any laboratory tests prescribed by your physician. This involves collecting your due amount and ensuring proper transmission of payment to the relevant laboratory. Billing-related information, including accompanying documentation, will include your identification details, test specifics, and results.
  • Business partnerships: The Company might engage external consultants, such as financial, IT, and legal experts, who, while providing services to Genemedics, require access to the EHR system. Your information could be disclosed to these consultants, granting them access to fulfil their designated services. However, before any such disclosure, the external contractor must sign a Business Associate Agreement to uphold your medical information’s confidentiality.
  • Required by law: Your medical information may be shared as per legal mandates, including worker’s compensation regulations, reporting to regulatory agencies like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, court orders, valid subpoenas, law enforcement needs, public health concerns, and other specific governmental requirements, such as those related to national security or emergencies.
  • Prior authorization: Any other uses or disclosures not associated with treatment, payment, or healthcare operations will necessitate your written authorization. For instance, if Genemedics intends to use your medical information for purposes like marketing, we will engage in a dialogue with you and offer the option to provide your authorization. However, granting authorization is not mandatory, and you retain the right to revoke it anytime.
  • Appointment reminders: We may contact you to furnish appointment reminders, but only using the phone number(s) or email address you provided for this purpose.


If you believe your privacy rights have been infringed upon, you can express your concerns. You can complain to the Genemedics’ Compliance Director or the Secretary of Health and Human Services. To initiate a complaint with Genemedics, please contact the Company’s Privacy Officer (contact information provided below). The Privacy Officer will assist you in completing a written complaint form and ensure appropriate follow-up on your complaint. It’s important to note that Genemedics is committed to not engaging in any form of retaliation against you for filing a complaint.


For inquiries or grievances regarding your medical information or any content within this Notice, please contact Genemedics’ Privacy Officer at or by calling 800-277-4041.

Effective date:

This Notice has been in effect since April 14, 2003, and will remain so until amended or withdrawn.

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What to expect during your consultation:

  • Usually takes 15-30 minutes
  • Completely confidential
  • No obligation to purchase anything
  • We will discuss your symptoms along with your health and fitness goals
  • Free post-consult access for any additional questions you may have
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