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Anti-aging medicine is moving forward every day. Scientific researchers are making new discoveries all the time that advance medical research, helping the community at large understand aging and developing safe and effective methods by which to combat its causes.

As an anti-aging specialist in Illinois Genemedics is among the nation’s leading practitioners of anti-aging medicine. Thousands of people have already worked with Genemedics clinics to create customized anti-aging plans, based on thoroughly tested science and using advanced technology.

Harnessing Your Biology To Fight Aging

Though it may seem unfamiliar, at its core anti-aging medicine deals with concepts and methods that regular people are already aware of. It’s common knowledge, backed up by a mountain of medical studies, that there are easy and simple steps people can take to improve their quality of life as they age, and extend their lives in a healthy way. These are steps you’re familiar with: exercising regularly, eating a healthy and controlled diet. Genemedics researchers have studied cutting-edge anti-aging research to design completely personalized anti-aging programs that go beyond hormone replacement therapy.

The first step is a comprehensive test of your overall health, conducted in a lab by a physician. Saliva and blood tests are necessary, as well as modern and innovative tests to evaluate your overall health. Then, your physician will design a program for you based on the main tenets of anti-aging medicine:

  • A custom nutrition program
  • A personalized exercise program
  • A personalized supplement program
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, when necessary

These parts of the anti-aging program work in concert to overall improve your short-term quality of life, reduce your risk of lifestyle diseases, retard the effects of aging, and even prolong your life.

Your Personal Nutrition Consultant

The aphorism is true: you are what you eat. Your diet is one of most crucial elements in a healthy life, and indeed it’s difficult to see too much benefit in other ways if you’re eating poorly. But there’s a lot of commonly perpetuated misinformation floated around about nutrition, and a lot of people simply don’t know what to do.

Nutrition programs from Genemedics are based on the latest nutrition research, designed by professionals. You won’t be given any trendy exclusion diets or unhealthy diets that cut important macronutrients, allowing you lose weight at the expense of your overall health. Our nutrition programs are customized for you and based on the results of a comprehensive survey of your body, taking into account:

  • Your resting basal metabolic rate, or the rate at which your body naturally burns calories while at rest
  • Your preferences
  • Your schedule and lifestyle
  • Your fitness and health goals
  • Your genetics and natural body composition

Genemedics physicians will use the information to create a plan for you specifically aimed at achieving your fitness goals. You will be carefully examined and managed throughout the process, and we recommend maintaining regular visits in which your doctor will review your progress and assess your health once again.

Among providers of anti-aging medicine, this degree of involvement is highly unusual, but at Genemedics we believe that it’s simply the best way to get concrete, tangible results. If you follow the program we design for you and regularly visit back, we guarantee that you will see an enduring improvement in your health and quality of life.

A Custom-Designed Exercise Program

Exercise is absolutely crucial as a part of your lifestyle program. Many people, especially those inexperienced with exercise, have trouble sticking to exercise plans that are not right for their body or are simply too advanced; people can fall into mental traps, in which missing workouts creates guilt and causes them to miss more workouts.

The good news is that exercising at all, even sporadically, is much better than a completely sedentary lifestyle. If you find yourself exercising hard for brief periods before losing your vigor and taking breaks from the gym, you should still take heart, because this is far preferable to having no exercise program at all. The most important thing you can do in the early stages of exercise is make regular exercise a habit. It is through long-term, habitual exercise that you will achieve your fitness goals, not intense and unsustainable workouts that leave you unhappy.

Quite literally, regular exercise is a miracle cure, a treatment that can improve almost every other aspect of your life. It’s well-documented that regular exercise causes people to live longer, feel and look better, lose weight, avoid debilitating diseases, improve their mood, improve their sex life, and help their mental health. You simply must be exercising in order to reach your full health potential.

Tens of thousands of studies have demonstrated the benefits of exercise. It has been shown to:
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Help control weight and prevent obesity
  • Improve mood
  • Relieve stress
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Curb unhealthy habits like overeating and smoking
  • Increase libido
  • Increase sexual performance
  • Increase strength and balance
  • Prevent fractures in the elderly
  • Improve balance and mobility
  • Increase your basal metabolic rate
  • Prolong life
  • And more!

Genemedics programs always include a regular exercise program, and we’re experienced in helping people create and stick to programs that are right for them. Our programs are matched specifically to your fitness level, preexisting body, and long-term health goals. Any level of comfort with exercise is fine: we’ve worked with everyone from complete novices to hardcore fitness aficionados who simply want to slightly change their workouts. We can help you without telling you to resort to expensive personal trainers or gym memberships; by working with Genemedics, you automatically get access to our collection of exercise videos that can teach you how to safely perform the exercises that you need.

A Custom Supplement Program

Supplementation is not a universally agreed-upon component of a healthy lifestyle. There exist many doctors and experts who subscribe to a “food first” way of thinking, recommending that you obtain all nutrients from whole foods instead of supplements. And there’s some truth to what they’re saying: it is indeed completely possible to get all your nutritional needs met without ever using supplements. If you have an optimal diet, supplementation isn’t necessary. But in reality, very few modern Americans actually do eat an ideal diet, and therefore they suffer from critical lack of nutrients. People too often eat excess amounts of salt, fat, and sugar, at the expense of the macronutrients your body really needs to function. So Genemedics programs typically involve a program of supplements in addition to your nutritional program that will fill in whatever holes your diet is missing. For us, supplements are a very important part of your overall plan.

The reluctance about supplements is compounded by the sheer quantities of supplements on the market. It’s easy for the average consumer to be confused by the wide array of supplements available at any given grocery store, and many of these products are advertised with claims that are confusing, lacking information, backed by bad science, or simply incorrect. Even worse, dietary supplements may not even contain their listed ingredients. Recent studies have shown that common dietary supplements marketed in mainstream stores like GNC actually contained almost none of the active ingredients their labels claimed.

Genemedics, however, takes a different approach. Our experts have spent years collaborating with supplement companies to find the best products on the market that deliver the most natural ingredients to you. Genemedics Nutrition, which carries a line of supplements, is certified by the U.S. government for good manufacturing processes. Only thirty percent of America’s supplement manufacturers can make that claim.

Further, our doctors are skilled and qualified to design supplement programs that actually work. In the initial meetings with our physicians, we’ll gauge your nutrition status, then your doctor will recommend a customized supplement program aimed at your nutritional needs. Common supplements prescribed by our doctors include vitamin D, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. If you want the best nutrition possible, call Genemedics today to set yourself on the path to better health.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Genemedics is among the nation’s best at conducting bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which is the final element of your anti-aging program. Many, many men and women in Illinois have already undergone our program and seen benefits that both help them feel better today and last for a lifetime. If you think BHRT may be right for you, call our clinic in Illinois for more information and begin the process of improving your health.

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At the age of 60, I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life! Switching my health program and hormone replacement therapy regimen over to Genemedics was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! Genemedics and Dr George have significantly improved my quality of life and also dramatically improved my overall health. I hav...
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