I am now in my mid-sixties and feel better than I did in my 20’s. Many people have commented that I actually look 20 years younger since I started the program at Genemedics.

Calling Dr. George has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Doctors and society convince us that developing various health issues and negative symptoms is “just a natural part of aging”. They want us to accept that fact. With Dr. George and Genemedics you do not have to accept this myth and you, too, may just look and feel as good as you did in your twenties.

Before starting the Genemedics program, I was experiencing low energy, poor concentration, memory and mental focus. Sleeping was difficult which resulted in increased anxiety and irritability. My immune system was weak which led to frequent infections.

Over the last 30 years, I had gained over 35 lbs.

After starting the program 6 months ago,I have lost 35 lbs of fat. I also am experiencing improvements in muscle mass, tone, strength, mood, memory, concentration and focus. I am now sleeping 8 hours a night which has resulted in fewer infections and illnesses. My skin is clearer and my hair is thicker.

Dr. George has such a great disposition and his kindness and responsiveness is amazing. He is very caring and compassionate and has always been readily available to discuss any health issues I experience.

I am so grateful and thankful for all the help the entire team at Genemedics has given to me. Dr. George is the best!

Having referred many patients to him and seeing their results, I believe that calling Genemedics and following Dr. George’s program may be one of the best decisions you can in your life too.

It is always wonderful to look great, but to have improved health is the most important thing to me. Dr. George and Genemedics has made that a reality.


Pamela Hill, 66 yrs old


At the age of 60, I look and feel better than I ever have in my entire life! Switching my health program and hormone replacement therapy regimen over to Genemedics was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! Genemedics and Dr George have significantly improved my quality of life and also dramatically improved my overall health. I have lost over 70 lbs of fat and gained over 20 lbs of muscle and I’m still noticing improvements. I have better energy, sex drive, mood, concentration, focus, and sleep than I have ever had in my life! Over the last 20 years, I’ve used doctors who many people considered to be the best Hollywood and Beverly Hills had to offer.

Although many of my peers in the entertainment industry keep Dr George and Genemedics as their hidden secret, I believe that he should get the recognition he deserves for being the best of the best in his industry! All of my friends, some being the most famous and celebrated people in the movie/entertainment industry, have also discovered Dr George and they also rave about how amazing his protocols and services are and how he has made such a huge positive impact on their lives. Thank you for all you have done for me Dr George and Genemedics! I will be a patient for life!

Nick Cassavetes, 60 yrs old

Movie Director (“The Notebook”, “John Q”, “Alpha Dog”), Actor and Writer

My name is Brian. I am 40 years old. About two years ago, I began to experience a progressive onset of many unpleasant symptoms, such as fatigue, depressed mood, loss of motivation, loss of muscle mass and strength, abdominal fat gain, decreased sex drive and difficulty sleeping at night. I initially attributed this to my high-stress job as a fireman and even tried to convince myself that this was “a part of getting older.” The symptoms continued to get worse over time, and I couldn’t deal with these unpleasant symptoms any longer. I decided to make an appointment with my primary care physician to see what was wrong with me. My primary care physician diagnosed me with “low T” (a.k.a. low testosterone), and he referred me to “a specialist” for treatment. The endocrinologist “specialist” prescribed a testosterone medication called AndroGel, which I applied to my skin one time a day. Not only did I not notice much improvement in my symptoms, but I also started experiencing side effects such as tender and sore nipples, which I read were the beginning stages of a side effect called gynecomastia (a.k.a. man boobs). The endocrinology specialist did not know why this was happening and did not know how to stop it. He told me to just stop the testosterone.

Fortunately for me, I met Dr. George at a seminar. After describing my symptoms and side effects, Dr. George was able to “hit the nail on the head” and explain all the signs/symptoms I was experiencing and why I was experiencing side effects from the AndroGel prescribed by the specialist.

Through Dr. George’s thorough lab panel, he was able to determine that my testosterone levels were still in a low range while the specialist was telling me everything was great. He also noted that my estrogen was elevated, which was contributing to the tender nipples.

Since starting the Genemedics program, all of my hormone levels have been balanced, which has resulted in resolution of all unpleasant symptoms and I no longer have tender nipples. I truly feel like I did when I was in my twenties. I have noticed dramatic improvements energy levels, sex drive, and mood, and I am sleeping great. My relationship with my friends, colleagues at work, and my wife are much better. My body has transformed due to increased muscle mass and fat loss. I am now motivated for each workout and excited for what the future brings. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to take back control of your life and live life to the fullest.

Brian E, 40 yrs old

My name is Tim with the Clinton Township fire department. I’ve been a patient of Dr. George’s for six or seven months now. I originally listened to Dr. George at the Health and Safety Seminar in Lansing for our group—now he’s probably seen the majority of that group as patients. I originally heard a testimonial from a gentlemen from Hazel Park; I knew him and had seen him around at some these conventions. He’d seen a dramatic change; he seemed very level-headed as a fireman, not someone you’d see on a TV program. He was someone you could relate to and trust to tell you the up-and-up on what was going on. I pursued it and didn’t talk about it too much initially, trying it for myself. I’m a seeing-is-believing type of person. Everyone has some area they want to change…for me, it was my body. I was going on vacation with my wife at end of November and I wanted to look better on the beach and feel better about myself. I think it goes a long way when you start to feel better about yourself. You are able to do a lot of things for other people around you. If you are down on yourself, the last thing you want to do is go out and help someone else out. I listened to Dr. George describe a lot of the things I was experiencing and the benefits: better energy, mood, and

sex drive, feeling better about the way you look. In my case, I was probably the second heaviest I’ve ever been, even though I was a ways from my heaviest, in the mid-190s. I’m not comfortable at that weight. My comfort range is the low to mid-170s. Cholesterol was a huge factor for me. For the first time in fifteen to twenty years, I was able to get it under 200.

Tim D, 47 yrs old

Hi my name is Greg Capler. I am 57 years old and have been with Genemedics for 18 months. I previously weighed 260 pounds and currently weigh 180 pounds. I would say my experience with Genemedics has been tremendous in helping me lose weight but also keeping the weight off. It has dramatically changed my life. I was originally asked to come to the Institute by my trainer to keep my energy and stamina up and to feel better. I will say the staff at Genemedics and Dr. George have been very helpful. They actively monitor me and my blood; they look at all aspects of my health. They are willing to give me any advice I need at any time and take a personal interest in my progress, which at this point means maintenance and staying connected with workout routines. I would say today that I feel better and look better. When I look in the mirror, I am happy. I see that. I know I have a team of professionals behind me all the way.

Greg Capler, 57 yrs old

I would like to tell you how your program has turned my life around in so many ways.

First and most importantly, my health was all messed up. Now not only is all my blood normal, I am above average in all categories! Second, I have been able to knock off the 50 lbs. I thought would be impossible when I was told how my eating habits would change. But honestly, it was easy after just a couple days and now has become a way of life for not only myself but also my family. I look great. My new wardrobe looks great and fits perfect and everywhere I go people say, “WOW, you look great! What did you do?” I have way more energy and am never sluggish anymore (no more fatigue). John has been a great supporter and is always there to answer all my questions or to keep me on track. Anyone who wants to shed some weight and get motivated and quit thinking they can’t get rid of unwanted pounds should be on your program. It is a 200 percent life-changer. I finally feel alive again, and I want to thank you and your team for all your knowledge!

I wanted to take a moment to update you on my progress and to thank you for your care, skilled interventions, and organized planning for my health. Within two to three days of beginning your program, I began to notice significant improvements in my symptoms. It has been like turning a switch on and taking a 100-pound weight off of my back.

After a week into the program, I found myself with so much more energy throughout the entire day. I also have experienced a significant increase in my focus and motivation, both in the gym and in my day-to-day life.

For months prior to starting the program, I was drinking energy drinks every single day, just to semi-function at work. I was calling in late for work every other day, resulting in verbal reprimands. I’m now about a month into the program and have not had one energy drink since beginning the program. I truly haven’t needed them. I’ve been on time to work everyday, feeling rested with the same amount of sleep that I was getting prior to the start of your program. My focus and performance at work have drastically improved.

In my marriage, my sex drive has returned, which has really brought a spark back to the relationship that was missing because of the state I was in while untreated. From there, our relationship has a much better connection and our communication has grown in positive ways, out of the understanding of what life was like for me prior to starting your program. I really can’t tell you how great it is to have my normal strength and energy back and the positive impact all of these changes have made in my life. My mood is elevated and happier, and I feel much more like a normal, healthy person again. Thank you so much!

Matthew Owens, 39 yrs old

I’ve been a patient of Genemedics for several years now, with fantastic results. I’ve always been active in sports and fitness, and my performance is important to me. After college, I noticed that my strength and endurance had begun to taper, but it had never occurred to me that it could be the result of hormonal deficiencies. I assumed it was due to lack of effort, but the harder I trained, the more it was apparent that my body was not functioning effectively. After my initial consultation and blood work, we identified that in fact I had a testosterone deficiency that could be corrected through treatment and close observation by Dr. George and his staff.

Within weeks of beginning treatment, I was already noticing results. Instead of feeling like a 50-year-old, I was starting to perform and recover like I was 20 again. By closely monitoring blood work and making periodic adjustments as necessary, I continue to see positive results and I feel great. Dr. George’s commitment and dedication to the satisfaction of his clients is second to none. He has frequently reached out to me personally to ensure that I’m continuing to feel results, and he has helped to educate me on the human body and how it operates so I can be more involved in my personal well-being. Genemedics’ diet and exercise programs have been useful too and are also an important part of my new lifestyle.

After the first year, I decided to consult with my general physician to validate the Genemedics program. He referred me to an endocrinology specialist, who reviewed my current blood work and treatment plan and confirmed that the results were outstanding. He also stated that a comprehensive program such as the one provided through Genemedics could not be provided by the traditional medical community. This served to validate my decision to seek treatment through Genemedics.

Matt T., 35 yrs old

For years, I complained to my family doctor that I felt fatigued and run-down and was getting a lot of joint pain. My sex drive was nonexistent. My doctor ran test after test and said nothing was wrong. I had a friend tell me about Dr. George and the Genemedics Health Institute. Dr. George and his team ran some tests and went through all the different options to help with my problems. That was almost two years ago, and let me tell you, having just turned 50 I feel GREAT. I’m 35 lbs. lighter and have energy to burn with zero joint pain, not to mention an active sex drive again. Genemedics Health Institute and Dr. George have given me all of my confidence back. I can’t thank them enough.

Fortunately for me, I met Dr. George at a seminar. After describing my symptoms and side effects, Dr. George was able to “hit the nail on the head” and explain all the signs/symptoms I was experiencing and why I was experiencing side effects from the AndroGel prescribed by the specialist.

Mike Vanmaele, 58 yrs old

I began the Genemedics Health Institute program in December 2012 at the age of 57. Since this time, I have noticed dramatic improvements in my overall health and quality of life. Gone are the nagging aches I had in my shoulder and knee. My recovery times from workouts are much shorter. My energy levels, libido, and mood have also greatly improved. Overall, I feel like I am 10 years younger. I would recommend Genemedics Health Institute to anyone who wants to improve their overall health.

Dave Kenny, 57 yrs old

I am a 33-year-old male. The program has helped me go from a 46-inch waist to a 38-inch waist and lose just about 50 lbs. in five months. I have a lot more energy and I feel like I am 18 years old again. I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in improving their health and greatly improving the way they look and feel! Thanks, Dr. George!

Bo W, 37 yrs old

This program is one of a kind! It has helped me beyond what words can say. It’s kept me healthy, on my game, and in the best shape of my life! I no longer feel like I’m energy deprived! I feel 10 years younger!

Bryan P, 37 yrs old

I have found the program for hormone replacement therapy at Genemedics Health Institute to be extremely helpful. Dr. Shanlikian and the Genemedics Health Institute staff are knowledgeable and very professional. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to maintain or better their health and way of life.

Jim S, 44 yrs old

I would like to thank Dr. George and his staff at Genemedics Health Institute for everything they have done for me. Dr. George has helped me bring my hormone levels back to normal, which has also helped my wife and I conceive a child, which I was told was not going to happen due to abnormal levels. I have much more energy, and I look and feel great. Thank you for everything, Dr. George and Genemedics staff!

Tommy D, 42 yrs old

Since starting the program six months ago, I have experienced remarkable results. I feel more energetic and confident, with a completely better outlook on life. I was depressed prior to his treatment. I wasn’t even motivated enough to care about my health. It was a blessing to have fallen into the care and knowledge of Dr. Shanlikian. Thank you for helping me to have a more positive outlook on life! Dr. George is one of the only doctors I have met who cares about his patients as if they were his own family.

Scott R,

40 years old
220 lbs. at 18 percent body fat
Working out/bodybuilding, 25 years

Issues: sex drive was gone at age 35
Chronic low back pain since 18 years old
Strength decreasing
Energy level low

After nine months with Genemedics Health Institute:

230 lbs. at 8 percent body fat
Sex drive is 100 percent improved
No lower back pain
Can’t wait to train
Great attitude
Love handles are gone
Stronger than ever

Dr. George not only changed my life, but he is like family now. I have never had such a close relationship with any doctor as I do with Dr. George. Thank you, Doc! You did everything you said you were going to do and then some!

Mike P, 40 yrs old

The program has given me the stamina to finish my workouts with fuel left in the tank. My recovery time is quicker. I feel more awake and more alert. I feel better all around. It has even given me the courage to talk to women. The program is golden when it comes to feeling better overall!

Gene F, 52 yrs old

Genemedics Health Institute has done great things for me. It not only taught me about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle but the importance of it, not only for me but my family as well. Dr. George has challenged me to learn more about what it means to be educated on this science. Dr. George started out as just that, a doctor. Since being on the program, he has become a friend! He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they are willing to go that extra mile in making sure your questions are answered. Dr. George has not only helped me, but my family as well. Thank you, and here’s to many more years of looking and feeling young!

Rob H, 49 yrs old

Since starting the program at Genemedics Health Institute six months ago, I have more energy, and I feel better than I ever have! Genemedics Health Institute truly changed my life!

Mike M, 62 yrs old

Since seeing Dr. Shanlikian, my training has been incredible. My recovery time has been cut in half. I feel like I’m 25 years old, and at 40 years old, that’s pretty good!

Jim R, 40 yrs old

First, I have to tell you that I don’t like doctors, but Dr. George made me feel very comfortable. Dr. George’s program works. I am 45 years old and haven’t felt this good in a long time. I trust Dr. George and will continue his program!

Mike B, 45 yrs old

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