Female Hormone Imbalance Treatment in Georgia

Since menopause has such obvious effects, most women are already familiar with it. In menopause, the female body stops producing important hormones like estrogen and progesterone, which leads to the cessation of egg production and ovarian function. However, the subtle effects of perimenopause, which occurs before menopause, are less widely understood. Perimenopause involves the decline of hormone production years before menopause actually begins, sometimes as early as the mid-thirties, and like menopause, its effects can be quite unpleasant. Genemedics offers safe female hormone imbalance treatment in Georgia.

Hormone Decline In Women: Perimenopause and Menopause

Women’s hormone levels are beginning to fall earlier in the woman’s lives than they once did. Now, it’s not uncommon for women as young as thirty to see perimenopausal symptoms. These can be caused by many lifestyle and environmental factors beyond age, including:

  • Low levels of exercise and an unhealthy diet. Obesity, which is becoming more and more prevalent, is decisively linked to hormone deficiency. Exercising regularly and eating healthy is a great way to encourage hormone production.
  • Chronic stress. In the modern world, stress is simply a part of every day, and the medical community is coming to understand that raised stress levels actually can cause hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, cortisol imbalance, and thyroid hormone deficiency.
  • Widespread exposure to xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are environmental chemicals whose effect can mirror the effect of the estrogen naturally produced by women’s bodies. These chemicals are found in household products like petroleum, hydrocarbons, and plastics, and they can cause the effects of hormone imbalance if women are exposed to them too extensively.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that today’s women begin to see the symptoms of hormone imbalance a long time before women in past generations did. Fortunately, modern women aren’t powerless before the effects of hormone deficiency. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help raise hormones to their optimal levels, fighting or reversing the effects of imbalance despite the lifestyle problems that cause them. BHRT can not only stop short-term effects like hot flashes and inexplicable weight gain, it also can reduce the risk of deadly diseases like heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

What is Female Hormone Imbalance?

Female hormone imbalance is widely misunderstood, even in the world of medicine dealing primarily with women’s health issues. Though women are aware that menopause will begin to change their bodies around age fifty, many are simply not informed that menopause-like effects can actually begin much earlier than that. The basics of the process are widely understood, though: that perimenopause and menopause involve a rapid decline in estrogen and progesterone levels, which stops menstruation, egg production, and ovarian function from occurring. But this is only part of the entire story. In fact, perimenopause and menopause have deep and powerful effects on a woman’s body. Ideally, estrogen and progesterone will rise and fall according to cycles throughout a woman’s life, beginning with the rise in sex hormones in puberty that produces secondary female characteristics like breasts. These hormones work in tandem to guide a woman through the cycle of ovulation and menstruation; their levels are linked to the menstrual cycle, and each plays a key role in pregnancy. Perimenopause involves the disruption of this steady rise and fall of hormone levels. When they should smoothly decline, they will instead rapidly swing out of control, leading to huge surpluses one day and huge deficits the next day. All this rapid change produces the symptoms of hormone deficiency, including the commonly experienced effects of perimenopause:

  • Weight gain
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Mood changes

Hormone imbalances affect millions of women every year. Many of these women are simply unaware that hormone decline can begin long before the actual onset of menopause, which generally starts around age fifty. The effects of hormone imbalance can be hard to detect, but they can be devastating. Age-related causes like perimenopause and menopause do spur on hormone imbalance, but there are other root causes that can lead to a deficiency. These include:

  • An imbalance of testosterone, this is vital for men and women
  • Hypothyroidism and other thyroid issues
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • DHEA deficiency
  • Imbalance in human growth hormone
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Pregnenolone deficiency
  • Vitamin D deficiency

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Georgia Women

The good news is that Georgia women undergoing hormone imbalance can be helped. The answer is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a completely safe process that fixes hormones at their optimal levels in order to reduce symptoms and reduce the risk of disease. The first step in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is evaluation of your hormone levels. Hormones that could cause imbalance include:

  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Thyroid hormone
  • Cortisol
  • DHEA
  • Pregnenolone
  • Human growth hormone
  • Vitamin D

Your physician will analyze the results of your hormone tests and then carefully design a program of BHRT aimed at maximal health. The benefits of a well-designed hormone supplementation program include:

  • Improved sex drive
  • Better orgasms
  • Fewer urinary tract infections
  • Firmer, younger-looking skin
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Easier weight loss
  • Improved muscle tone
  • More strength
  • Better mood
  • Improved concentration
  • Better memory
  • Reduced hot flashes
  • Eliminate night sweats
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Improved bone strength and density

Genemedics physicians are experienced at designing programs of hormone replacement that really work and don’t cause side effects. Our doctors have all been through thousands of hours of training and have been certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Services. If you’re experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance and you think BHRT could help you, call one of our clinics on Georgia today to set up a free initial consultation and find out if you’re a candidate for hormone replacement.

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Call 800-277-4041 for a Free Consultation

What to expect during your consultation:

  • Usually takes 15-30 minutes
  • Completely confidential
  • No obligation to purchase anything
  • We will discuss your symptoms along with your health and fitness goals
  • Free post-consult access for any additional questions you may have
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