Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Orlando, Florida

Genemedics’ anti-aging clinic in Orlando is proud to provide bioidentical hormone replacement and testosterone replacement therapy for men and women suffering from signs of premature aging and hormone decline.

Many people begin to experience unsettling “symptoms of aging” as early as age 35—long before most mainstream doctors recognize signs of potential hormone deficiency. As a result, many of these patients are told to “live with it” and sent home to suffer in silence. In reality, there is often a perfectly logical medical reason for their symptoms: low levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, thyroid hormone, and others. The symptoms of hormone deficiency often come on gradually and can be hard to recognize. They typically include:

  • Low libido
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Irritability, depression, and other mood problems
  • Loss of memory
  • Loss of concentration or focus
  • High cholesterol
  • Excessive weight gain

The good news is that, if you are among the thousands of adults in Orlando suffering from these symptoms, the expert hormone doctors at Genemedics can help you diagnose and treat hormone deficiency.

We have pioneered a comprehensive anti-aging program that can erase your symptoms and restore your youthful vitality and energy levels. Each of our programs begins with comprehensive testing and diagnostics, using the world’s most advanced equipment. Then a doctor will help you interpret your test results and design a program that relies on:

  • Natural bioidentical hormone replacement using precise doses of compounded natural hormones.
  • A personalized nutrition program that can help you lose weight and keep it off.
  • A custom exercise program and access to our library of exercises, plus professional instruction in how to perform them.
  • A supplement program that will restore your blood levels of critical nutrients to optimal levels.

Led by nationally renowned George Shanlikian, M.D., all Genemedics physicians are experienced in the field of anti-aging and certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Your team of anti aging doctors orlando will continuously monitor and adjust your program so you achieve optimal results.

Call our clinic in Orlando today to set up a consultation!

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What to expect during your consultation:
  • Usually takes 15-30 minutes
  • Completely confidential
  • No obligation to purchase anything
  • We will discuss your symptoms along with your health and fitness goals
  • Free post-consult access for any additional questions you may have
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