5 Reasons for Weight Gain in Your Forties
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Do you consider yourself to be one of those people who have tried cutting on carbs and still not losing weight? Sometimes you find yourself scratch your heads when you look at the scale and see that your weight has gone up when it should have gone down. It can be tough for people who art in their forties since that’s when our metabolism declines gradually. Considered as an inevitability during mid-life, it can be very difficult to maintain a strong body especially when your own is having a natural occurring imbalance inside.

There can be a number of reasons why you’re experiencing unpredictable weight gain like improper diet and sleeping habits. You might not know this but it causes a drop in your hormone level and this can be considered a factor in your predicament. However, this can be managed by hormone replacement therapy in Florida. What you need to do is to learn about other reasons of your sudden weight gain and why it is much more prominent in your forties.

  • High Estrogen LevelsA spike in your estrogen level happens when your progesterone drops. One consequence of this bevy of hormones can lead to an excessive increase of body fat and bloating, extreme mood swings, fatigue and even depression. Estrogen dominance causes the body to increase its production of body fat to store energy, so even with daily exercise or cutting down on carbohydrates, these fats will not disappear.
  • Low TestosteroneIn mean, another reason for additional fat is when the body has low testosterone levels. Since men depend on testosterone to gain and build muscle, it is a contributing factor for weight gain and causes an increase in body fat, most especially in the abdominal area.
  • Stressed OutStress is not good for anyone because it powerfully triggers weight gain. How so? When under pressure or put in an intense situation, the hormone called “cortisol” is produced which is our body’s natural fight or flight response signal. While it may be helpful in anxious situations, it also has a negative effect. You might be wondering why we chow down on everything we see when we are awfully stressed out of our minds, high levels of cortisol is the scientific explanation for your increase in appetite.
  • DepressedDepression, either caused by stress and anxiety or hormonal imbalance, is a common midlife crisis. Now, both depression and weight problem can be too much of a burden for any, so much so that obesity also coincides with depression. Obese people  reportedly  have a higher risk of developing depression and in turn, depressed people are also prone to being obese.
  • High Sodium IntakeEating food with high sodium content can result to retention of water and mass increase in blood volume which causes your body to look bloated and puffy. Although the weight gain caused by this is only temporary, by about two to three days your body will then re-correct its sodium levels back to normal. Some problems caused by sodium intake include some swelling in the arms and face, plus pains in your joints.Unexplained weight gain can really be a problem and can have drastic consequences. So if you have questions concerning your health that need answers, it would be best to have a check-up every once in a while to prevent future or possible complications.
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