“Bazinga!” 5 Ways to Boost your Brain Power
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

We’ve all had trouble remembering certain things – “Where did I put my key?” or “When’s the reunion again?”, even the phrase, “Wait, what’s his name?” is becoming quite common.

People will forget things over time, some more than others. As we age, it is only natural for the human brain to flush certain information down the drain to make space for new ones. Even with the advances of hormone therapy to improve your memory, simply going to a hormone replacement clinic in Florida is just one step of the process. Here are some ways you can start sharpening your memory and lifting up that brain fog.

Get Up and Running!

Exercise isn’t just for your physical well-being, it also helps exercise the brain. It gets those gears up and running by improving the blood flow throughout the body. Stimulating activities keeps your mind active and in tip-top shape. The brain needs constant stimulus during the day, and when we’re being sluggish, the brain’s ability to function depletes as well. By adding exercise routines in your daily activities, it helps the brain keep memory loss at bay.

Learning is a process, while teaching is a practice. Learning different things is good for dispensing nuggets of knowledge and wisdom every now and then, but teaching others what you’ve learned will cement everything in your memory. Teaching others means going over both practical and theoretical knowledge again and again, and this recall will help store the information for long term use while also gaining a much deeper understanding of the subject.

Try Including Eggs in Your Diet

A healthy diet is key to maintaining a sharp memory. Eggs are rich in protein and B-vitamins. The yolk in an egg is a great source of choline, which is said to be a precursor to acetylcholine – a compound that serves as a neurotransmitter that helps your memory in remembering simple things. This also slows down the ageing of the brain. Alternatives to eggs would be legumes, chicken, and saltwater fish.

Write Your Thoughts Down

Writing things down is still, essentially, one of the most effective ways to help with memory problems, most especially if you’re a visually inclined person. Getting a journal or a planner can help you keep track of your schedules and daily errands.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Sleeping is a necessary process for the brain to completely store the memories you have acquired during the day and to retain the information during the sleep cycle. Without proper rest, waking up in the morning will leave the body drained of energy, and your thoughts will all be scattered. Suddenly, you will have a hard time recalling certain activities you did the day before. In addition, taking naps can help recharge your whole body and your brain, making it easier to focus on your tasks and helps with memory retention.
How about you, do you have other memory tips and tricks that can amplify and improve brain function? Share them with us in the comments below.

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