Changes in Your Diet You Need to Make After 50
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

As we get old, we experience numerous changes in our body – both in our physical health and our emotional well-being. We often find ourselves being picky with what we eat and how our taste buds seem to alter into varied preferences. Most times we can’t control how much eat or keep track of the constant food cravings.

By the age of 30, our metabolic rate gradually declines. In all those years there will be times when we allow ourselves to gorge on our favourite food. But wait just a moment! Before you indulge yourself with greasy fries and ice cold beer, you need to know that however delicious these may be, they can be equally sinful and cause problems to your health.

Make some changes to avoid being overweight by the time you reach your sixties. Now is a good time as any to consider options concerning our physical and emotional well-being, one of which is consulting with hormone replacement doctors in Florida. And if you’re looking for a basic solution to get you on track, here are changes that you need to incorporate in your diet.

Fiber up!

Have whole grains, oatmeal, wheat cereals for breakfast since these foods high in dietary fiber. Other fruits like apples and pear, even vegetables such as celery and carrots can give you enough fiber to last you throughout the day. Fiber helps lower the risk of heart disease and prevent stroke. It improves your overall health because it aids in strengthening your immunity and help you lose that excess weight. High-fiber foods are also good for digestion and knowing that your metabolism declines as you age, this gives us all the more reason to add fiber-rich foods into our meals.

Never skip meals.

One mistake that people commonly make is skipping meals thinking that by doing so they will lose more weight quickly. That isn’t the case, believe it or not. This only causes your metabolic rate to drastically slow down and lead to excessive cravings of food later in the day.

Less Salt, please.

Salt is one of many culprits for weight gain. Since sodium encourages water retention in our bodies, it is likely the reason for the additional 2 to 3 kilos on your weighing scale. It is recommended that you stay away from packaged and processed foods because they all have high levels of sodium content. Cutting down on your sodium intake can lower your blood pressure, avoiding the risk of hypertension.

Be generous on good Protein.

In your 50s, our body increases its need for protein to maintain the muscle mass. Protein is needed to repair and reconstruct our body which is essential for our growth. With protein deficiency, we put our bodies in a stage of weakness, frailty and prolonged exhaustion. Avoid adding red meat to your diet and always opt for high-quality protein like chicken, fish, eggs, beans, and low-fat dairy. Other preferred meat that dieticians recommend are pork loin and lean beef which are excellent sources of good protein.

Sometimes there needs to be change in order for us to improve, and in our case, it also applies to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of our body is as easy as adding these simple changes to our diet. So, go and get some good food into your system

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