Early Menopause Trigger Trio: Are They In Your Beauty Stash?
Monday, February 1st, 2016

Menopause and the symptoms that come with it are inevitable parts of a woman’s life. On the average, women reach natural menopause by the age of 51. However, menopause can happen anytime between age 31 to age 65.

As much as you want to, you cannot run away from menopause. You know it is coming one day, but you would never want to rush it for sure. What if your so-called beauty products are speeding up your countdown towards your dreaded menopause?

Here are the early menopause triggering chemicals to watch out for in your beauty products:
  • PhthalatesYou may not notice, but phthalates are found in almost every cosmetic product you are using. This harmful chemical hides in your nail polish, hairspray, makeup, lotions, hair care products, deodorants, and perfumes. Anything that is found inside a plastic container is a suspect.To lessen your exposure to phthalates, always check the labels of every product you purchase. Switch to natural products free from synthetic fragrances. If possible, go for products in glass or paper packaging, instead of plastic.
  • PhenolsThese are man-made chemicals that originate from petroleum. Like phthalates, these are used for making plastics and other related materials and are found in a variety of cosmetic products. Phenols and phenolic derivatives are found in household cleaners. Yet, they sneak into your sunscreen, lip balm, lotions, hand soap, and toothpaste.Consistently check the label of the products you purchase, especially for your beauty stash. Drop the items that contain phenol.
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHsPAHs are man-made chemicals found in coal tar, crude oil, creosote but are also used to make dyes, plastics, and pesticides. These are formed during the incomplete burning of coal, oil, gas, trash, tobacco, and charbroiled meat. PAHs affect the skin, liver and immune system negatively.Stay away from PAHs and go for PAH-free beauty and hygiene products.These chemicals do not only trigger early menopause, but also wreak havoc in your overall health. This chemical trio is also considered as hormone disruptors that can affect your overall bodily function.

Washington University School of Medicine researchers conducted a new study about the link between persistent organic pollutants and early menopause in women in the United States.
It reported that the women exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs, such as the chemicals listed above, had six times higher risks of suffering from early menopause than non-exposed women.

Get back to the basics and go organic. Always keep an eye on every beauty product you buy. You sure would not want to hasten your way to menopause, right?

To know more about menopause and how to deal with it through natural menopause therapy, see Genemedics Health Institute. You can also call our expert hormone doctors directly for inquiries through 800-277-4041.

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