Weight Gain in Men: A Common Symptom of Low Testosterone

Many aging men notice they start gaining weight, particularly in the mid- section (abdominal fat), despite changes to their activity level or diet.   This unexplained weight gain is often caused by Male hormone imbalance, especially the combination of low testosterone and elevated estrogen.

One important function of testosterone is to maintain healthy body fat distribution. As testosterone levels decline, the male body becomes predisposed to gaining fat. The resulting accumulation of fat cells results in increased estrogen production, which can cause more fat gain, water retention and bloating.

The thyroid, which produces thyroid hormone, is the key organ in regulating the metabolism.Cortisol is an important hormone that can cause increased appetite and fat gain if there is cortisol imbalance in men.

Your Solution: Weight Loss with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

You don’t have to live with the health risks and reduced quality of life associated with being overweight! You may feel like giving up because you have tried everything to lose weight with little or no success. The good news is that we can help! We will help you lose weight by examining the root causes of your weight gain and correcting all underlying causes, including male hormone imbalance. In addition to prescribing comprehensive hormone replacement therapy, your doctor will also design a personalized healthy eating plan, exercise program, and supplementation program to improve your nutritional profile.