Slow Down the Aging Process with These Simple Health Tips
Monday, February 1st, 2016

Drink more Water During the day, we deplete our bodies of water, and so it must be replenished throughout the day. Try drinking a liter of water every day—keeping our bodies hydrated ensures that your internal organs gets all the water it needs, your digestive system will run smoother and your bowel movement will become better. And since our bodies are made up of 60% water, it will help keep your skin looking dewy and vibrant, because you’re sufficiently keeping yourself hydrated.

De-stress Stress is an inevitable fact of day-to-day living, and when you learn how to manage the things that stress you out in life, you’ll feel better and age more gracefully. The body’s natural reaction to stress is to release hormones and it also starts to increase your heart rate, as well as your breathing. Your body works hard to make sure that you can solve whatever problem you’re facing by giving your brain more oxygen so you can think about solving problems quicker, and a good effect of stress is that your body works extra hard to help you cope with difficult situations. Now, when you get affected negatively—whether by heartbreak or physical illnesses and even traumas—your body’s stress levels are kept on high for longer than is necessary for everyday survival.

Being negatively affected by stress can lead to respiratory, digestive and even muscular problems for your body. And the longer you’re stressed, the longer your body becomes unable to cope. So when you think life is getting too difficult to bear, take a break or call up a good friend for support, or get the help that you need. Your body and your physical appearance will thank you for it.

Eat Clean, Get Nutrition Consultation

Try your best to eat healthy, and practice clean living. Certain foods can trigger chemical reactions in your brain that can give temporary feelings of euphoria. Food is such an effective trigger for the human body that even the sight or smell of specific food can cause a rush of these chemicals to the brain. These chemical reactions are partially responsible for people to become addicted to a certain kind of food, similar to a drug addict’s dependency on drugs. To combat the good feelings that you get from eating unhealthy foods jam-packed with chemicals, try eating all-natural healthy food and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle. Exercise is very important as it releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which increases happiness and lowers the chances of you reaching for high-fat, high-calorie foods to feel better.

By getting a nutrition consultation, you can check on paper what you eat and in what quantities, and you get to find out where you can improve (whether it’s by adding more exercise or cutting back on a certain food). Good nutrition can be your guide for a happier, healthier, younger-looking you.

An Imbalanced Situation

If you have a little more to spare from the monthly budget, and would like some extra help turning back the clock, you can always get hormone replacement therapy to balance out the production of hormones as you age.

As you age, the production of hormones tends to decrease each year. When you experience a drop in our hormone levels, you can experience night sweats, thinning hair, hot flashes, moodiness, low sex drive, and you may be more prone to weight gain, especially in the abdomen. It’s always been attributed as the natural progression of aging. This can lead to hormone imbalances, and can be corrected with hormone replacement therapy. The best type of hormone replacement therapy you can get is the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy—because before bioidentical hormones were available, people would use hormone replacement therapy from animals. The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will only use hormones identical to the ones found in the human body, so you can be sure that you aren’t just getting a dose of pig or horse hormones.

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