What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

As you age, you may begin to notice that your body and mind do not function as they did when you were in your twenties. Your thinking might have slowed, and you tire more easily. You might have trouble sleeping, performing sexually, or have trouble losing weight and maintaining your strength. Most people think this is natural, that aging always comes with medical symptoms like fatigue, low energy, loss of motivation, depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, loss of memory or loss of concentration. But this isn’t true! These symptoms are not “just a part of getting older” and you don’t have to live with these “symptoms of aging” anymore!

For many people, the symptoms of aging are actually caused by declining hormone levels, which begin to drop as early as your thirties. Fortunately, this can be corrected with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT. Some of the many benefits of BHRT are listed below. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will reverse all symptoms of hormone
imbalance and return you to your optimal physical, sexual, mental, and emotional health of your 20s and 30s.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the science of modulating hormone levels in order to maintain optimal physiological (normal) levels. This is achieved by obtaining a lab test, which will determine if you have hormone imbalance. Hormone imbalance can occur when hormone levels are either too low or too high. HRT treatments to achieve hormone balance are individually customized to each patient based on the lab results. Lab testing for HRT for men and HRT for women evaluate the following hormone levels: Testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, thyroid, human growth hormone (IGF-1) and vitamin D.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a specialized field of medicine, which consists of the use of bioidentical hormones to correct male hormone imbalance and female hormone imbalance (i.e. hormone deficiency or excess).

Unlike conventional hormone therapy, which uses synthetic hormones or those derived from animals, BHRT uses naturally derived hormones in the proper levels to eliminate symptoms. Bioidentical hormones are identical to the hormones the human body produces, making them safer and more effective than synthetic hormones

Studies show that BHRT significantly improves quality of life and health while decreasing the risk of developing chronic illnesses. Some of the many benefits of BHRT are listed below.


bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men male hormone replacement therapy for women

Do I Need BHRT?

It’s easy to find out. Take a quick and easy hormone balance test to determine if BHRT is right for you.

Are there Side Effects?
Side effects are minimal to none because the hormone levels remain in the physiologic (normal) range. Your younger body once produced these physiologic hormone levels and is still capable of utilizing hormones within this range. Side effects begin to occur once the hormone levels exceed that of the physiologic (normal) range, which can be prevented by careful monitoring by your physician

The Bottom Line with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (natural hrt therapy) (BHRT) has been used with great success by patients throughout Europe and the United States since the 1930’s and is currently being used to improve the lives of millions of men and women with hormonal imbalances including celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Suzanne Somers and Sylvester Stallone.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT therapy) has been proven to greatly enhance the quality of one’s life, while possibly lengthening one’s lifespan! Patients on hormone replacement therapy truly feel like they have discovered the fountain of youth! With so many HRT clinics, how do you know which BHRT clinic to choose for your BHRT treatments? The answer is simple. When it comes to your health, only trust the best! Genemedics Health Institute is simply the best!

Why Choose Genemedics Health Institute Medical Doctors?
Genemedics Health Institute’s doctors specialize in natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), proper nutrition, nutritional supplements, and fitness for both men and women. Hormone programs are individually customized to alleviate symptoms.

Along with proper nutrition and exercise, your hormone restoration program will return you to your optimal mental, physical, emotional and sexual health of your 20s and 30s. BHRT therapy has renewed the lives of millions of men and women by significantly improving their quality of life and their health. Like so many other patients, you will be absolutely amazed by the incredible results that you will achieve. Contact us today and let us help you discover a new, younger, healthier you!

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