5 Health Myths Debunked
Friday, August 19th, 2016

People who have growth hormone deficiency rely on human growth hormone therapy in California and all over the world. Some of the benefits of this therapy are burning fat, developing cardiovascular health, and improving metabolism.

Plenty of people go to great lengths to keep themselves healthy. Aside from undergoing therapy and taking medications, some individuals also take note of common beliefs to remain healthy. People have several diverse theories about how to take care of the body properly. Unfortunately, not all of them are true. Get to know some of these false beliefs and we’ll debunk them for you!

Estrogen Results to Breast Cancer

It is not true that estrogen can result to breast cancer. However, it may have a minimal protective effect once a woman starts taking estrogen supplementation after menopause. Since this hormone prompts breast development and regulates breast growth, some believe that estrogen can cause breast cancer. This is simply not true. However, it can bring about negative regulation on the cells in the immune system though. To avoid this, it is best to take the prescribed and appropriate amount of estrogen only. 

The Metabolism of a Person is Genetic

This is somewhat true but also false at the same time. Metabolism is genetic in the sense that each individual has the ability to break down food in the body to create energy. BMR or the basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories a person burns while at rest – it also is related to how fast or slow one’s metabolism is. Those with low BMR will burn smaller amounts of calories during their rest, while someone with a high BMR will burn more calories. The speed of metabolism does not rely on genetics. There will always be options or ways in order to make your metabolism faster; do your research in order to find out how. 

Shaving Makes your Hair Grow Thicker

People around the world grow up thinking this is true, but it is not. According to a study done around 1928, there are no clinical trials which showed that shaving had an effect on the hair growth of a person. Bald people would have done this if it were true. Shaving only removes the dead portion of the hair, not the living portion of the skin’s surface. 

Green Tea and Spicy Food Increase Metabolism

This is another myth because it is believed that there are no foods that can speed up the metabolism of a person. Green tea can certainly cleanse or detoxify your body if you take the proper amount consistently, but it can’t affect your metabolism. Meanwhile spicy food may increase your metabolism but only for a short while. To be healthy, you should eat the right amount of food with the correct nutrients that your body needs.

8 Hours a Day is Mandatory

This belief is half true and half false because there was a European study conducted where people slept for only a few hours than the average person, yet both still functioned similarly well. It can be said that a person doesn’t necessarily need 8 hours every day; it depends on how many hours of sleep they prefer.

If you are in need of human growth hormone therapy in California, contact Genemedics! We offer various services that would certainly help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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