6 Foods that Helps Boost the Growth Hormone
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary in keeping your body healthy. This allows the different systems in the body, like the endocrine system, to function properly. In some serious cases, undergoing bioidentical hormone therapy in Florida – or in any other parts of the US – might be necessary.

Aside from undergoing medications, you should also eat foods with the right amount of nutrients to keep yourself healthy. Different foods have various benefits for the body. There are foods that can help boost the various hormones in your body, including the growth hormone – which is vital to the endocrine system and the whole body as well.

Here are some of the foods that you should eat to boost your growth hormone:
  • Avocados
    Known as a “wonder food,” avocados are rich in healthy fat as well as fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, folic acid, and potassium. All of these enable the body to absorb and utilize nutrients. This fruit also keeps balance the hormones in your body.
    VegetablesThe leafy greens always provide a positive effect on our body. Just ensure that you clean the vegetables well in order to remove all the unwanted bacteria before consuming them. Bright colored, starchy, and dark green vegetables are all rich in antioxidants that the body needs to balance the hormones.
  • Protein
    Nuts, seeds, fish, red meat, and seeds are some of the best sources of protein, which helps give you the energy to last for the whole day. How some of these foods are cooked is also important; use the right flavors and oil in order to get the right nutrients such as L-orthinine – which can aid in increasing the hormone levels by up to four times above the baseline levels.
  • Yogurt
    About 2g of yogurt will raise the production of hormones because this is rich in amino acid glutamine. The recommended time to eat yogurt is after dinner, so that it can increase the levels of hormones in your body well.
  • Coconut oil
    Coconuts are filled with lauric acid, which are great for healing the skin and strongly valuable for hormonal production. This acid can even kill bad bacteria and other viruses that go in the body by providing energy and improving your metabolism! Mix coconut oil in your meals to get its benefits and boost your growth hormone.
  • Eggs
    Including egg in your meals is one of the best ways to boost your growth hormone. More than that, eggs contain various growth factors such as vitamins A, E, D, K, growth increasing peptides, and amino acids. Choose organic eggs in order to fully reap its benefits.
  • Water
    Water is not commonly listed on articles about improving the body’s growth hormone levels because it is already a universal fact. Just a reminder, it is always essential to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day. It keeps the body hydrated, increases the human growth hormone naturally, and it operates in the body’s hormonal system 24/7.

Always remember that health is wealth, so do your best to sustain a great body. Take note of the foods stated above and try to incorporate them in your daily meals in order to boost the growth hormone.

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