The Benefits of Getting More Vitamin D in Your Body
Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Most people are familiar with the benefits they can gain from certain vitamins such as C and E. However, one vitamin that tends to be overlooked also provides a huge number of benefits to the human body, and that happens to be vitamin D. A compelling number of studies have shown that it can improve the functions of various parts of the human body, including the bones, heart, brain, lungs, and even the immune system. In this article, let’s take a closer look at what vitamin D can do for your overall health as well as how to get more of it in your body.

What Are the Benefits Provided by Vitamin D?

  1. Stronger Bones and Teeth
    This vitamin promotes the absorption of calcium in the gut. It also regulates the amounts of phosphate and serum calcium that encourages regular bone mineralization and also puts you at lower risk of developing hypocalcemic tetany.
  2. Healthier Cardiovascular System
    High levels of vitamin D can help normalize high blood pressure. Medical professionals theorize that this is because it can reduce the body’s production of the hormone called renin, which is often linked to hypertension.
  3. Lower Chances of Developing Cancer
    According to a study conducted in Los Angeles County, California, and published in the medical journal Cancer Causes Control, people whose diets had more calcium had significantly decreased risks of developing colon cancer than those who had taken in less calcium.

How Can You Get More Vitamin D?

  1. Go Outside
    The easiest way to get more vitamin D is by going out and exposing yourself to more sunlight. It also does not demand a lot of time, as just ten minutes of sunlight each day is more than enough to produce the necessary amount of vitamin D.
  2. Eat the Right Kinds of Food
    The best sources of this vitamin are fatty fishes such as swordfish, herring, salmon, sardines, and tuna. You can also get a lot of vitamin D from fish oil, skim milk, egg, and chicken.
  3. Take Some Supplements
    If you can’t seem to get more fish in your everyday meals, then you can try taking vitamin D supplements instead. The recommended daily intake, according to the USDA, is a minimum of 600 IU for adults up to 70 years old, 800 IU being the minimum for those over the age of 70.

Get Some More Vitamin D in Your Life

Now that you know a lot more about what benefits vitamin D can give to your overall wellbeing, it’s time to start taking advantage of it by getting more of it in your body. Most medical professionals recommend that you get enough sunlight, make the proper adjustments to your diet, and take the right supplements to ensure that you’re receiving enough vitamin D each day. It may seem like a bit of work, but the payoffs are more than worth the trouble. After all, better health can bring a bit more sunshine into your life, too.

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